Nerf This! What's D.Va Eating?

Nerf This! What's D.Va Eating?

Doritos and Mountain Dew definitely aren't on the menu for D.Va.

by: RoyalCha

D.Va's here to play! Gamer or non-gamer, you’ve probably heard of the worldwide sensation that is Overwatch, Blizzard’s hit creation of 2016. With addicting gameplay and a widely diverse cast of playable characters, Overwatch has nestled into the hearts of both seasoned and newbie players everywhere. D.Va, in particular, has become a sort of internet meme. The 19-year-old South Korean character hailing from Busan is the youngest fighter in the roster. She is a pro-gamer turned MEKA pilot for the army to protect her homeland. Because of her gaming backstory, fandom has constantly depicted her slathering herself in cheesy Doritos or pumping dangerous amounts of Mountain Dew into her system. But Hana Song is a Korean teenager, living in Korea, eating Korean food; what would she actually be stuffing into her face? Chips-wise, she’d probably be munching on some classic Shrimp Crackers, Onion Rings, or the newer favorite, Honey Butter Chips.

Instead of Mountain Dew, I’m sure D.Va would rather be gulping down cans of Chilsung Cider or the many different flavors of bubbly Milkis soda (we’ve got Original and Melon here in the U.S.!).

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If we reach even further, I personally believe D.Va would choose to absentmindedly chew on some dried squid as she destroys her opponents! She originates from Busan, a large port city known for its seafood, so it makes sense that she'd crave a chewy squid leg or two.

As a former pro-gamer, she most definitely spent most of her time and energy at one of many internet cafes in her hometown. These cafes, aka PC Bangs (PC방), boast their own unique culture of snacks and food. No matter what she’s eating, players will surely love D.Va regardless. However, next time you feel like envisioning the strong and aggressive Hana Song as a Doritos munching, Mountain Dew chugging, infant gremlin, try thinking about the endless and delicious list of actual Korean foods she could be eating instead! As a final gift, I leave you with this hilarious and brilliantly made Korean Overwatch parody.

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