Living with LINE FRIENDS

Living with LINE FRIENDS

LINE FRIENDS are the adorable characters and mascots of the popular messaging app LINE. Using LINE FRIENDS emoticons is basically a part of your daily life as you partake in average day conversations with friends or family. Now imagine having LINE FRIENDS have a larger role in your daily life - actually living with these adorable characters.

Well, imagine no more, because you can actually live with LINE FRIENDS in Seoul, South Korea. At the Golden Tulip M Hotel in Seoul, there is a whole floor dedicated to LINE FRIENDS themed rooms. Upon reaching the 14th floor of the hotel, you will have entered a different world surrounded by your favorite LINE FRIENDS characters.

Living with LINE FRIENDS at this hotel allows you to check into a room decked out with the charming characters. There are two themed rooms: the Brown room and the Cony room, inspired by the characters. The rooms have normal hotel accommodations: beds, single or double, desks, closets, bathroom. Every area of the room, even inside the bathroom, is decorated to fit the theme! Each room contains different LINE FRIENDS posters, decor, plushies, etc. You can spend your whole day in your hotel room with your favorite characters.

The Brown room has a general blue-colored theme to it.The walls are painted with blue accents and gave different LINE FRIENDS posters of different characters. There may be a blue couch where there sits a large Brown plush doll that you can cuddle or simply enjoy its company. There are also the wood accents in the room with desks, nightstand, and the floor.

On the other hand, there is the Cony room which has a red and pink-colored theme. The layout is similar to the Brown room but has a more lovely, feminine aspect. Curtains of white fabric drape around the back of the bed framing a cute picture of Brown and Cony’s relationship. Similar to the Brown room it has a colored couch seated with a large Brown plush doll and a wooden desk and chair.

Both bathrooms in the Brown and Cony room are decked out with LINE FRIENDS as well, such as on the shower curtains and sink area. Overall, the rooms are very cute, eye-catching, and most importantly, homey! Here you can watch a 360 virtual reality of how the rooms and hotel look like:

The address to the hotel is 15 Namdaemun-ro 5-gil Jung-gu 135245 SEOUL.

You can book yourself a special experience of living with LINE FRIENDS. The entire experience of living with LINE FRIENDS is photo - worthy and worth posting to show off how awesome a suite you have. These one of a kind rooms gives many Instagram opportunities and overall a comfortable vibe. Living with LINE FRIENDS will definitely be an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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