Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas, AKA Korean Candy Must-Haves

Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas, AKA Korean Candy Must-Haves

I don’t know what it is, but my sweet tooth tends to flare up around the holidays, leaving me craving all things sugary in whatever form I can get my hands on. And when I’m on the lookout for something to satiate my inner-candy monster, my go-to is my favorite bag of cavity-inducing candy.

If you know someone who has a raging sweet tooth or even someone who has been on the prowl for new candy to try, look no further! Here are a few candy highlights, including sweet icons, old faves, and need-to-haves, hailing all the way from South Korea that are sure to make the very best holiday stocking stuffers!

Lotte Soft Malang Cow Fresh Grade Milk Chewy Candy

Though the Malang Cow is newer than others on this list, it already has a cult-like following thanks to its adorable packaging and sweeter-than-sweet flavors, including original, strawberry, and banana.

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Lotte Soft Chewy Candy 63g (Milk/ Strawberry) PHP 99.00

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Plum Candy

This Korean candy icon is popular no matter where you look and never fails to make a list of Must-Try Korean Candy, so obviously it had to be on this one, too.

Lotte Ice Cream Lollipops

Ice cream is hands down the best dessert—you can defend your fave in the comments below! But ice cream and the cold months don’t always mix, which is why Lotte Ice Cream Lollipops are the invention (and stocking stuffer) of the century.

Orion Choco Boy Chocolate Snack

An old favorite in the Korean candy lover community, the Orion Choco Boy Chocolate Snack is the perfect candy to stuff into the stocking of someone unfamiliar with the joy that is Korean candy.

Aye-shyuh Sour Candy

When it comes to candy, I have childlike tendencies—tendencies that always lead me first and foremost to sour candy. So, obviously Aye-shyuh Sour Candy is one of my top go-tos.

My Chew

My Chew’s are incredibly popular and have been a mainstay in the Korean candy game since their inception.

Orion JellyDay Peach Vitamin C Chewing Candy

If you’re an avid Instagrammer like myself, you probably have noticed many enjoy including Orion JellyDay Peach Vitamin C Chewing Candy on their feeds. In addition to peach, the line also includes grape and pomegranate flavors in pastel packaging that is truly too cute to pass up.

Choodie’s Changing

I hadn’t heard a lot about Choodie’s Changing gum, but my interest was instantly piqued when I found out the flavor changes as you chew. There’s nothing better than a quirky stocking stuffer, and Choodie’s Changing gum checks all the right boxes.

Lemon Cola Candy

Sure, Cola is a popular flavor around the world, but there’s something about the flavor Lemon Cola that adds a new, interesting element to the candy world.

Lotte Line Friends Lollipops

You don’t like ice cream because you’re a heathen? Kidding, kidding—sort of... If ice cream isn’t your cup of tea, Lotte Line Friends Lollipops will be! With the familiar faces of the Line Friends smiling up at you from the wrappers, Lotte Line Friends Lollipops are exactly what (and who) everyone is hoping to spot peeking out of their stocking come December 25th.

Red Ginseng Candy

Red Ginseng Candy is iconic in and out of Korea. A staple for locals and tourists alike, Red Ginseng Candy is a must-have candy stocking stuffer, especially if you’re looking to fill up a holiday sock with something traditional and delicious.

Chocolate Corn

When it comes to stuffing the stockings of those who are not candy obsessed, don’t hesitate to grab a few bags of Chocolate Corn. A hybrid between sweet chocolatey goodness and salty chip crunchiness, Chocolate Corn is fun, different, and perfect to gift to those with less of a sweet tooth.

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Did we miss one of your Korean candy go-tos, faves, or even a secret up-and-comer the mainstream has yet to hear about? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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