Koreans React To Foreign Snacks

Koreans React To Foreign Snacks

There’s nothing quite like experiencing food you’ve never had before. Sometimes it turns out to be the next best thing, while other times you may find yourself wondering what the heck you just put into your mouth.

In Korea, desserts and treats aren’t generally sweet or salty as compared to the snacks sold in the U.S. which means 9 out of 10 times the overwhelmingly sweet taste can come as shocking to Koreans trying American snacks for the first time.

On top of the overwhelming tastes, many snacks in the U.S. are massed produced in factories where it’s sometimes a matter of quantity over quality of the food. Because of this reviewers have stated that the food sometimes tastes weird or doesn’t have a natural flavor to it.

If it isn’t the flavor of the food that’s unusual to Koreans trying it, the packaging definitely gets them. In Korea, many snacks are in bubbly packaging or are individually packaged such as choco pies. In America however, items are often sold in either bulk or larger packaging.

Check out this video below of Koreans trying various American snacks for the first time.

Here’s another fun video of Korean teens trying some popular American snacks.

Have you tried snacks from different countries? I love trying new foods even if it means having to surprise myself when a treat doesn’t taste so delicious. Happy Eating~

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