Korean Snack Hack: Frozen Milkshakes And Kokal Corn Chips

Korean Snack Hack: Frozen Milkshakes And Kokal Corn Chips

Who needs a big cone when you have a bunch of small ones?

by Rachelle "Roach"

Sweet and savory is the way to go when it comes to complementing ice cream, and here's a Korean snack hack classic that works it to perfection! Let's get some background. First, if you're not already familiar with one of Lotte's best frozen treats, it's time to familiarize yourself. These snacks are known by a few names, like Snow Ice and Seolleim, but everyone will know what you're talking about if you just call it a milkshake in a bag.


They're perfect on the go because they don't require a spoon and don't melt down your wrist. They're also super refreshing on a hot day. Now. Milkshakes are all well and good, but what about when you want a little salty with your sweet? Enter: Lotte's Kokal Corn Chips.

lotte kokal corn chips

American snackers may recognize the shape of these chips: they look just like Bugles. But, much like other similarly flavored Korean snacks, these are like the less greasy, less chemical-laden versions of the chip. They have a hint of sweet corn flavor and a little bit of salt, making it a nice, crunchy snack. But more importantly, the back of the bag offers up one of those suggestions that's so simple you're a little ashamed you didn't think of it first. kokal chips

That's right. Instead of stacking a bunch of corn chips on your fingers and pretending you're a long-nailed monster, why not fill those little cones with some ice cream and eat an adorable, sweet and savory ice cream cone? corn chip ice cream cone

It's super easy. First, make sure your milkshake is at just the right level of frozen to easily squeeze a little into the chip. They stay super frozen in the freezer, so you might have to wait 10 minutes or so for prime time. Then, squeeze the ice cream in! Make sure to squeeze the bag from the bottom, and get way into the bottom of the cone so you have as much ice cream in there as possible.

Voila! You've got an ice cream cone you can eat in all one bite. Plus, there's enough left over to make about 20 more one-biters. Want to mix it up a little? Maybe a breakfast combo? Good news. Lotte makes a coffee milkshake and some waffle cookies! When you eat it in the morning, you've got the whole day to burn it off...  waffle cookies

...and the whole day to dream up more delicious food combos. Happy snacking! Here are a few imaginative creations we've seen from other snackers.


Kokal Corn on top of a waffle, more ice cream, and fruit!   corn-chip-rice Kokal Corn with...rice and beans?   ice-cream-chip-choco If you want to be a bit fancier, you can add some chocolate and pistachio.  


Going all out with Oreo cookies! 

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