Cherry Blossom, 'Tis The Season ?

Cherry Blossom, 'Tis The Season ?

Boys (and girls) over flowers.

by Tby Tomato

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the beautiful cherry blossom! If you can't go to Korea to experience this, or don't have cherry blossoms where you live, don't worry! Your fam at SnackFever has your back. Below are some photos of your fave Korean celebs taking photos with these pastel pink petals. Mino from Winner and Yunhyeong of iKon look chill as heck, soaking up the spring sun.

봄이 좋긴해

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This tree isn't just blossoming flowers, but Seunghoon from Winner as well!


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It looks like Big Bang's Seungri is using the beautiful view to have a good ol' contemplation session.

🌸 今会えるよ 🌸

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How about some roses with your cherry blossoms? Black Pink's Rosé is all you need!

Musical artist Roy Kim was a part of Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival just this month. Cherry blossoms, picnics, Spring vibes, and great music; what more could you want?

He also has a song called "Spring Spring Spring" which is the perfect jam for viewing these flowers.

Former 2AM member Jinwoon gives us a bright smile with a beautiful backdrop.


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Beenzino took a daring shot of the Spring scenery from a balcony.

겨울 꺼지고 봄 🌬😉✨✨🌱🌞

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FT Island's Jonghoon shows us a different side of the usual cherry blossom pics. Here's an artsy set up of a tree decorated with fairy lights; beautiful at any time of the day!


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And of course a pic from us, your SnackFever fam!

And don't forget! Cherry blossoms also means picnics! Some of our favorite snacks pair great with your flower viewing session. Personally, I like sipping on some Let's Be Mild Coffee (tastes great warmed up too!) and snacking on Pepero Double Dip in Strawberry to match that pink palette.

Featured Image Source: changwoncity 

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