Cheritz is an independent company based in South Korea who have been developing games geared towards female players. With over 2.6 million global female users, this company's focus is on re-interpreting the mind of the player through the game rather than providing the game to the player. 
It was started by a woman who wanted to bring a different gaming experience to females, a world where gaming and romance meet. Not only have they succeeded in that goal, but they have also won Korea's Game Awards 2017 'Best Indie Game of the Year'.

For five years, they have provided users with well written story-based games as well as characters you will come to love. Since launching in 2012, Cheritz has made worldwide success without publishing or investing. They have received support from female users all over Korea, the United States, as well as Southeast Asia and have been able to operate independently in 2017. Their most popular users come from Germany, the United States, Canada, and Korea.

They are a very hands-on company when it comes to communicating with their fans. Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook are popular places to get in touch with the team and interact with other users. They have offline/online fan service events to meet their fans and make memories with those who’ve played and enjoyed the game. They also have done contests in the past where you can win certain prizes (packages or in-game hourglasses for the game Mystic Messenger).

Cheritz Market is a shop created by Cheritz to give their fans the chance to have their own version of 707 or Zen at home. These products are based on characters from their game packages including pillowcases and t-shirts to stickers and accessories. Since launching, they have gained a huge following where a lot of fans have written fan letters, done cosplay of their favorite characters or have made their own personal art depicting their version of the main character and their love interest.

If you are familiar with Cheritz, then you know about Cherry as well as Retz. Cherry and Retz are the mascots of the company. Cherry is their Operations Leader who is good at computers and Ritz is the Communications Leader who greets everyone with a sweet smile and actively helps the best he can.

If you aren't a fan of Cheritz, but want to try out their games for yourself, you can find two of their PC games on Steam and their mobile game in Google Play or the App Store.

Names of the games are (in order of publication):

Dandelion: Wishes Brought To You (PC)
Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall (PC)
Mystic Messenger (Mobile)
The SSUM (hasn’t been released -- Mobile)

Written by Maegs

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