3 Classic Korean Horror Webtoons

3 Classic Korean Horror Webtoons

These webtoons freaked me out for a long, long time.

by Taylor Sweet

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I just love the time of year: The transition of the seasons, the start of the holidays, the jack-o'-lanterns, the spooky decorations, memories of dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating with my siblings, the Halloween specials on TV ... I can go on and on. I am also a horror fan. I love scary stories, scary movies, scary TV shows, and even scary Halloween specials of normal TV shows. They keep me engaged and on the edge of my seat! So when I discovered scary Korean webtoons, I knew I had to check them out, and they didn't disappoint in their level of horror! Korean webtoons in general are great because artists and writers of all backgrounds are able to publish them online. That means a nearly endless amount of content to enjoy! Webtoons can also be...interactive, a unique capability that sets them apart from watching shows or reading a book. Interactive abilities, of course, made for some pretty spooky webtoons, which are usually popular in the summer because they provide "chills" against the heat. Here's our top 3 webtoons by author Horang to get you in the mood for Halloween next week! Please view at your own risk, these can actually give you quite a fright! 😨  

Bongcheon-Dong Ghost

In 2011, this super scary Korean comic went viral because it contained a pretty shocking (and frightening) twist that most readers wouldn't expect. A girl is walking home from school when she sees a strange woman on the street... View the full comic on Naver for the full immersive experience. Just scroll down! Or, you can watch the video on YouTube and hide in the comfort of the comments section.

Ghost in Mansung Tunnel

This comic experience became so popular that the author created (and translated into English) several more of them. The second one is called "Ghost in Masung Tunnel". Here's a preview to a few early panels: masung You can also view this on Naver.  

Oksu Station Ghost

There seems to be a running horror theme with Koreans and public transportation. This one's called "Oksu Station Ghost." Here's the video version:

We hope these webtoons put you in a proper spooky mood! 😉

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