MukBlog: Monsta X’s Wonho ❤️ Ramyun

MukBlog: Monsta X’s Wonho ❤️ Ramyun

Wonho’s wonhoping for more ramyun!

by RoyalCha

I’m back once again for another entry of MukBlog! Let’s find out what those K-celebs are eating!

Wonho Eating Ramyun

For this entry, it’s nothing new. I’m pretty sure everyone know and loves ramen, or, as the Koreans romanize it, ramyun. Monsta X's Wonho has been known since debut to be an avid ramyun fan. Whether it’s instant, in a cup, or cooked at a restaurant, he just can’t get enough of this tasty combination of savory broth and scrumptious noodles.

Wonho Wants Ramyun

When the boys were in Hong Kong to shoot one of their older reality shows, Monsta X’s Right Now, he continuously asked to eat ramyun. There’s no stopping Wonho’s stomach when he’s got noodles on his mind.

Cq3lgSfUIAALzMV Wonho Eating Ramyun Backstage

He even has it backstage when prepping to perform. Along with all the other food he eats, he never leaves out his favorite ramyun. Above he says “I’m going to eat all of this, along with that Shin Ramyun over there.” Being an idol who is more on the meatier side definitely has its perks, as he never seems to be worried about eating too much ramyun. During an interview regarding Monsta X’s most recent album, Beautiful, labelmate, singer, and composer BrotherSu mentioned that Wonho came over to his house with intentions to make music, but ended up just making ramyun and eating for four hours.

Wonho Still Eating Ramyun

He’ll eat ramyun, whether it’s his or someone else’s.

Wonho Eating Kihyun's Ramyun

And check out this intense ramyun bag a fan gave him!

Wonho And His Fashionable Ramyun Bag Source: Onehope_WH on Twitter

And remember, most importantly, that Wonho’s ideal type is someone who can cook ramyun well.

Only Ramyun Matters To Wonho

Writing about all this ramyun has got me HUNGRY for some ramyun of my own! Luckily for me I work at SnackFever, where ramyun is aplenty! Grab some ramyun for yourself from the SnackFever shop! Maybe if you get good at making it, Wonho will send some love your way ?. Have a snack that you’ve seen your favorite K-Celeb eat that you want us to identify? Let us know in the comments, and it could be our next featured MukBlog!

Featured Image Source: me, the author, RoyalCha

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