Misugaru Shakes Are Your New Favorite Health Drink

Misugaru Shakes Are Your New Favorite Health Drink

Practice saying misugaru with us: Mee-soot-gah-roo!

by James Bbang 

Delicious and healthy often don't go together. But there are some Korean foods that do bring the best of both, and misugaru is one of the prime examples! If you subscribed to the August Viki & SnackFever Binge Box, you received a powder packet to make your own misugaru shake. All it takes is some water or milk to mix in (amount depends on your taste), a bit of sweetener (such as honey) and served over ice. There's a lot more to this powder than meets the eye. First, let's get to know misugaru, or misutgaru. It's a Korean traditional grain powder, containing anywhere from 7 to 10 different grains, with the regulars being sesame, barley, black beans, brown rice, alda beanscornmillet, and soybeans. That translates to plenty of nutrients, including protein and fiber. Does that sound like a bit much? "How in the world could this be refreshing?" you may wonder. Well, you just have to take our word for it -- and TRY IT!

misugaru_iced Misugaru shakes are one of the most popular drinks among Koreans, especially in the summer. It's also a quick, filling, and nutritious breakfast fix if you're running late in the morning! All you need to do is mix the powder with water or milk (soy milk works too), add some honey, then add ice cubes to cool it down. Some Koreans even go on misugaru diets -- not too far off from juicing diets! Cafe Benne is one of the few places in the U.S. that offers refreshing misugaru shakes, not-too-decadent lattes, and decently-decadent frappuccinos on their menu, so if you're ever by one, you should try it out!

Misugaru is even finding a home in Indonesia! Wooyoo Cafe in Jakarta has this awesome misugaru & cereal soft serve ice cream!

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Misugaru drinks aren't caffeinated either, so they're great for kids, too! Put down those other artificial sugary drinks and have them enjoy a nice cup of misugaru!

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