Korean Bakeries Took Pepero Day To A New Level

Korean Bakeries Took Pepero Day To A New Level

Pepero Day isn't a competition, but if it were, these bakeries would definitely be winning.

by Cari Kamja

 For Pepero Day, people were busy at work to make the cutest treats for their friends and loved ones. Korean bakeries were going all out, too, and their creations are just amazing. Pepero Day may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a box or two and order our EXO Pepero Day Box!

하트뿅뿅 빼빼로마카롱 클래스가 오픈 되었어요!! - 원데이 수업 문의는 카카오톡 sweetmoments 로 부탁드립니다. (다이렉트는 확인이어렵습니다.) 시간은 ❤️7일 월요일 6시 ❤️9일 수요일 3시/7시 ❤️10일 목요일 7시 ❤️11일 금요일 10시/2시/6시 준비되어 있습니다. -입금 순으로 수업 예약이 되고 있어요^^ #스위트모먼트 #sweetmoment#먹스타그램#맛스타그램#카페스타그램#카페#커피#온더테이블#케이크#디저트#베이킹스튜디오#베이킹#홈베이킹#빵#케이크#금손#일상#오늘#데일리#빼빼로데이#럽스타그램#빼빼로#빼빼로만들기#빼빼로선물#마카롱

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  Meet the Pepero Macaron, Korea’s latest and greatest creation.  Forget the boring old stick of Pepero! This sweet treat is made up of any Pepero stick imaginable stuck between a decadent cream and a row of macarons baked together. Mouthwatering, right?

I know what you’re thinking: “Sign me up! Where can I get them?” And I’m totally with you -- I’m already sold on this dessert just based on the ingredients.  But Korea isn’t done with us yet,  they have to go an extra step and make this delicious dessert too adorable for words.

  This one is meant to look like dango, or sweet rice cakes served in Japan (you know that emoji you were never quite sure about, this is it!) Or look at this baker who made them bunny and bear shaped! How could you eat it?! It’s too cute!

Now, if you want to get super fancy, the macarons can also be marbleized or dipped in chocolate and decorated with sprinkles and dried fruits.  Then, just wrap it up in some plastic with ribbon -- your friends and loved ones will probably love you forever.  Bonus points if you use my favorite Pepero as filling, the chocolate almond flavor. (Not that I’m asking you to send me some, but I mean, I wouldn’t say no…)

이번주와 다음주 마카롱빼빼로 준비됩니다 🍡💞 #프롬비

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Who else wants to try?!

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