Get Your Game & Snack On At A Korean PC Bang

Get Your Game & Snack On At A Korean PC Bang

Starcraft? Milkis? League of Legends? Tteokbokki? Overwatch? It doesn’t matter what you play or eat, PC Bangs are for everyone!

by RoyalCha

South Korea is known world-wide through a branch of media that actually isn’t K-pop: Gaming! The popularity and importance of eSports is constantly on the rise, and South Korea is seen as a powerhouse in the pro-gaming world. From first-person shooters (FPS) to MMORPGs, Koreans seem to have a talent for tactically evading and striking down their enemies in game. The majority of gamers get their start at their average, everyday PC Bang (PC방). These “PC Rooms” are as common to find as Starbucks are in California! Simply put, they are gaming centers set up so that players can come in and pay to play games by the hour. With the release of Starcraft in 1998, the popularity of PC Bangs soared, and nowadays, they come equipped with comfortable gaming stations, a trendy ambiance, and almost any kind of snack, food, or drink gamers need. All good PC Bangs host a wide variety of chips and cookies.

They shouldn’t be lacking in canned or bottled drinks either!

The majority have a large selection of instant noodles and other pre-cooked food you would find at convenience stores as well.

Many PC Bangs have created their own tasty menus of filling dishes for gamers while they play.

More intense, high-scale PC Bangs even have full-on espresso menus for gamers to get their grande lattes and macchiatos whenever they want.

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As gaming culture in South Korea continues grow, so does the culture and competition in the PC Bang industry. Who knows, maybe in the future they’ll come equipped with therapy puppies and massage chairs! 

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