Flavor of the Week: Vita500

Flavor of the Week: Vita500

C You C Me! C Vita500 Every Day!

by: RoyalCha

This week we’re going to put some pep into your daily cycle! Vita500 is a healthy antioxidant vitamin C drink for people’s active and vibrant lifestyle. It has been a no. 1 seller in Korea for over a decade. 

This conveniently bottled drink is packed full of Vitamin C and B, and is caffeine-free, and contains no preservatives. Whether you need a morning spark, an afternoon jolt, or a late night zap, Vita500 is the drink for you!

Along with all the energy, Vita500 boosts immunity! It also helps with anti-aging, and supports quicker recovery. The drink is sweet, but in a way that you can physically taste the energy you’re getting from the drink. It’s a taste that is versatile; something that kids, athletes, businessmen, parents--anyone would like!

It’s healthy, peppy, and tastes great! New to the USA, Vita500 currently comes in four flavors: Original, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, and GrapeLet the SnackFever team know what you think about these drinks in the comment section below, and if you haven't already, join us by becoming a subscriber so that you can remain a part of the SnackFever fam forever!

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