Cooking Tree: Aesthetically-Pleasing ASMR

Cooking Tree: Aesthetically-Pleasing ASMR

Food is very important because it brings people together. In today’s modern world, the definition of sharing a meal with other people has expanded as the so-called muk-bang (먹방 – lit. "common space for eating") concept has spread throughout the internet, bonding people from over the world over a virtual meal. Crazy, right? What’s even wilder is that now not only eating the meal but also cooking it has become a popular field to explore for many people.

Are you a fan of the aesthetically-pleasing desserts that constantly pop on your Instagram feed? Well, now you can make them yourself! Based in South Korea, Cooking Tree follows recipes thoroughly and makes something messy, like cooking, actually look pretty and organized. The ASMR sounds of simple actions like mixing the butter and eggs or spreading the cream increase your appetite and you can’t help but keep watching!

Strawberry chap-ssal (sticky rice) cakes are a reminder of why we love spring with all its cute little cherry blossoms. Now you can have these beautiful cherry blossoms throughout the whole year, even in the middle of winter!

Are you a cheese lover or a cheesecake lover? Either way, it doesn’t matter because here is the best of both worlds! It's a very quirky idea to make cheesecake in the shape of cheese, right? And it gets even better – there is real Emmental cheese inside!  Jerry would risk it all to get away from Tom for just one bite of it!

It is mind-blowing how good-looking a cake can be. It would be a pity even to take a bite from it, but this mango tiramisu is the definition of summer – fresh, colorful and juicy. Tiramisu is the type of dessert that anyone can make, so you have no excuse not to treat your friends to this temptation. Maybe even try making it together, visually and audibly pleasing your senses while doing so!

The matcha green tea and Pepero sticks are just some of the symbols of Korean culture so if you are looking for something diverse and out of the ordinary, this is a recipe you should try! The "fence" of Pepero sticks cannot hide the amazing work inside that is simple yet so spectacular!

What about something more on the bitter spectrum? The grapefruit pound cake is for all the people who prefer light formula cakes that blend the sweetness of the whipped cream with the sour and refreshing taste of the grapefruit! The red of the fruit gives a nice contrast to the white of the cream and the whole outlook of this tiny pound cake makes it so aesthetically-pleasing!

Summer is unforgivably hot and sometimes even our sweet tooth might be suffering. So, instead of indulging ourselves with sugar, Cooking Tree suggests healthy snacks for the days when you just wish there was an A/C attached to your body. These watermelon popsicles are fun and quick-to-follow; and the blend of lemon juice, kiwi and watermelon milk give everything a nice finish not only taste-wise but also visually. It's an interesting twist on the simple fruit turned into a popsicle!

Finally, to wrap up with a less of a chance of catching cavities, here is one of Cooking Tree’s salty recipes that will make your jaw drop (if it already hasn't). Just by the sound of cutting this deep dish pizza, we can all feel our mouths watering. The climax comes when all that dripping, melted cheese makes your heart feel and look the same way, and if you aren't rushing to the kitchen to recreate this recipe already, what are you waiting for?

Are you into ASMR muk-bangs? Which one of the dishes inspired you to recreate it yourself? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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