5 Reasons Why K-Pop Fans Are The Most Dedicated In The World

5 Reasons Why K-Pop Fans Are The Most Dedicated In The World

Dedication, passion, loyalty...K-Pop fans are simply the best!

by HannahC

We all know that K-Pop fans are the most dedicated fans in the world, but very rarely do we stop and appreciate exactly why they're the best. Here are five reasons why:

1. They donate to charities in their idol’s name Donations From EXO Xiumin Fans For EXO member Xiumin’s 24th birthday, fans donated around 10.6 million won (roughly $9,500) in his name to a local charity that helps Ethiopian children gain access to clean water and education. B.A.P.’s BABYz raised over $35,000 in efforts to build a school in Ghana in B.A.P.’s name. Fans of Girls' Generation's Sunny raised enough funds to plant an entire forest (rightfully named "Sunny Forest") for the idol's 26th birthday, to fight pollution and celebrate in her name.

2. They’re even better at advertising than professionals Monsta X Bus Advertisement If you want a job done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. K-Pop fans are incredible at supporting their idols through advertising. Fans frequently buy bus and subway advertisements in order to wish their favorites “Happy Birthday!” Fans of GOT7’s Jackson bought a YouTube ad that played a sweet compilation of videos for the star’s 24th birthday. Fans of Monsta X went so far as to decorate an entire bus in honor of their Beautiful comeback! Chinese EXO-L's were even able to buy a massive advertisement in Times Square, NY for their 5th Anniversary, covering all 11 screens of the Reuters Building with images and messages to EXO. 

3. They're are incredibly talented 

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It takes one to know one! The fanbases of these talented musical groups are also incredibly talented themselves! From t-shirts to backpacks to stickers to pins, there is an endless amount of artistic talent that fans put into celebrating their favorite groups.

4. They're literally award winners BTS At BBMAS K-Pop fans have a social media presence like no other. They dedicate hours and hours to voting online for their idols, often times winning them awards! Recently, K-Pop fans all around the world dedicated hundreds of hours tweeting #BTSBBMAs. The result? BTS went on to beat out huge pop stars such as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards. It was an award that BTS dedicated to their fans.

5. They stay up all night for their idols K-Pop fans are all over the world, but time zones never stopped a fan from watching a livestream of their idols! Fans often stay up really late or wake up incredibly early (like, 4 A.M. early) to watch performances. Talk about dedication!


The dedication, love, and loyalty that K-Pop fans demonstrate worldwide are what make them so special! We know that the influence and presence of Korean entertainment and music will only continue to grow with the help of fans everywhere. How have you expressed your love for K-Pop? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to grab a June SnackFever box; this month's theme is K-POP! 

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