The Best Korean Instant Food for the Ultimate Lazy Day

The Best Korean Instant Food for the Ultimate Lazy Day

The deeper we get into the cold weather, the more we want to sink back into our bed and sleep the day away. Maybe it’s the weekend and you had a long week of work, or you just planned to skip a day of school to rest up after finishing all your schoolwork–you could use a lazy day.

What better way to embrace a lazy day than to prepare some instant food for yourself? SnackFever has the best recommendations to keep you warm and well-rested for days you either don’t have anything to do, or are just not in the mood to do anything.

The possibilities for the day are endless, and so are your food recommendations from SnackFever.

Food To Keep You Warm


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Tteokbokki is a popular street food in South Korea that is known for its garaetteok (rice cakes) and eomuk (fish cakes) swimming in a thick bright red sauce made from gochujang. Although it's a street food that is sold and enjoyed all-year long, its savory flavor and warmth make it most craved during winter.

Even if this bright red and chewy rice cake snack is served from stalls sitting on the street, you can now enjoy it from the comfort of your own home with cupped and packed versions that come conveniently in single-servings–making it perfect for you to enjoy on its own.


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Not a fan of the spicy and bright tteokbokki? Why not try tteokguk, a lighter and clear-broth made with rice cake? It’s a kind of soup typically eaten on seollal, or Korean New Year’s Day. It is said that you won’t age on Korean New Year unless you’ve had a bowl of tteokguk on that day.

But celebration or not, this soup is still a hearty soup that keeps you warm on a cool day or night. Its beef broth flavors the rice cakes perfectly.

Instant Noodles

South Korea has many instant noodles to offer you–but here are the top instant noodles we recommend!


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Ramyeon is the go-to Korean comfort food for those of you who are looking forward to having the ultimate lazy day. It is said that the average Korean consumes 80 to 90 packets every year; and with its rich and umami-filled broth, we can definitely see why it’s a fan favorite.

From hot and spicy to mild and light, there are so many ramyeon packs and cups to choose from–and we’re certain that you’ll find the one that fits your taste buds the best. And if you feel like you want to add something special to your ramyeon, some spam, spring onions, and egg will do the trick.


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Jjajangmyeon is another classic Korean dish that is loved by many for its sweet yet very savory taste. It actually came from China, as it was created by Chinese immigrants who came to Korea. It may look intimidating, but this dish hits the spot with its thick black bean sauce topped with diced pork and vegetables.

The instant version has many names: Jajjaroni (Samyang) and Jjachelin (Ottogi) being just a few of them. All you have to note though is that the noodles coated with a black sauce are a giveaway to what the dish truly is–behind all of the names.


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There’s another variation to the classic jjajangmyeon we mentioned earlier in this list, and that is the jjapaguri. Combining both Chapagetti (Nongshim’s version of jjangmyeon) and Neoguri, you get this sweet, savory, and spicy instant noodle dish all rolled into one.

This dish rose to popularity after Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite added steak into the noodles; but if you aren’t too keen on adding the steak, that’s fine! The explosion of flavors on its own will do just great.

Bonus: Warm Drinks to Accompany You From Day to Night

Instant Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Instant Coffee
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With South Korea being obsessed with their coffee and iced americano, it was important to add instant coffee to the list. But not just coffee, instant chocolates and chocolate are popular in Korea too. And Lotte’s Pepero and Ghana lead the list of the country’s most well-loved chocolate.

But you’re not in the mood to go out, so we got you covered. There’s nothing better than sitting on your couch and sipping a warm drink as you aimlessly scroll through social media or watch your favorite TV show. Try our favorite drinks from SnackFever to keep you warm all day during your ultimate lazy day.

All of these Korean instant food are easy to prepare, and will not take more than 30 minutes to make. So if you’re looking for your next lazy day food pick, try some of our picks!

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Why are Koreans obsessed with iced americano?

Koreans love Iced Americano because they find it better than other coffees, making it faster and easier to drink. Another reason why they love it so much is because it gives them a quick caffeine hit any time they drink it–making their work more efficient and faster to do.

What is the difference between ramyeon and ramen?

The number one difference is that “Ramyeon” is from South Korea, while “Ramen” is from Japan. The flavors are different as well, with instant ramen being said to have little to no flavor, while instant ramyeon has many varieties of flavors to it.

What do Koreans usually add to their ramyeon?

Besides the usual eggs and spam, many also add mandu (Korean dumplings) and kimchi to make it more filling. Some of the lighter ingredients to add, but help in adding more flavor, would be to add nori, chili garlic sauce, and even sesame oil.

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