Cancellation of subscription to some European countries

Dear Europe SnackFever Fam,

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, there's been a lot of shipping issues. Since the post offices worldwide stopped accepting packages from Korea, we had to use a more expensive shipping service. However, every package we shipped to Europe (mostly UK, Germany and Austria) has caused us problems. Most were returned back to us.

Sadly, until the post office resumes, we'll have to cancel every new order and upcoming orders for current subscribers from certain countries. We'll let you know as we process all the cancellations and refunds. If you're from any other European country and have been receiving your boxes without any problems, then do not worry, you will still receive your boxes.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but we trust you understand. We're very sad too :(.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Daebak Team