WTF kind of music festival is this???

WTF kind of music festival is this???

After just one innocent search on YouTube, my soul witnessed a disturbing clip at an unidentified music festival.

by taylor "teapi" tran

It's peak music festival season right now, and I'm bummed I didn't have the chance to go to Coachella. I've noticed that smaller, more intimate music festivals have been rising up all over the country -- it's amazing that music festivals can bring so many people together for such a great bonding experience. Today at work, I began to kill time by surfing the deep pockets of the web. By that, I mean I was just spending too much time watching videos online. But even after just one innocent search on YouTube, my soul still managed to befall on one disturbing clip at an unidentified music festival. You might remember Psy's addicting and viral "Gangnam Style" -- and if you don't, you must not have had Internet connection in 2012. The hugely popular music video has reached the biggest popularity of any Korean song in America -- during its peak, it played on mainstream radio stations all across the country, and despite the language barrier, millions of Americans jammed along to the catchy tune. The musicians in this video seem to be performing some type of cover of the K-pop hit. But I need a minute to analyze everything that's happening here... First, we have this guy playing the accordion, just casually wearing this amazingly psychedelic ensemble. guyinsuit

He's putting all the other guys' outfits to shame. Especially the guy wearing all black on the left. Wait. Is he playing a banjo?! blackguybanjo

The guy on the right just doesn't GAF. guitarman

I wouldn't either if I had a guitar as glam as his is. But let's ignore the weird background visuals and the dad on the keyboard in the back and start analyzing WTF is going on in the audience. The guy who's recording keeps turning the camera back to himself to make sure we don't miss him lip syncing along to the performance. selfieman

The guy in the green T-Shirt doesn't want to miss the opportunity to capture this performance either. Also, why are they the only ones who are hyped?! The rest of the crowd is just sitting there like, "meh, I've seen this is normal." Try to catch how big the crowd is: crowdfever

The uploader apparently decided that this video is totally about Pets & Animals: Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 11.18.03 AM I just have one question. WTF kind of music festival is this?? If you recognize it or yourself in the audience, please let me know. I need a comforting snack to help me get over the confusion I just experienced... You can watch the full video here, but be warned: you might some comforting to help you get past the state of disarray your body will be in. Get a box of these delicious Korean snacks to make you feel like all is well in the world again. Psy would want that for you.

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