This is What Brunch is Like in South Korea

This is What Brunch is Like in South Korea

One of the greatest times of the day on a weekend is brunch. It's that sacred period in between breakfast and lunch that adults (like me) take advantage of to unwind, recharge, and drink a healthy amount of mimosas. In terms of food, brunch meals are appealing because of their versatility. You're not relegated to just breakfast foods but instead are able to elevate your favorite breakfast items with heartier ingredients.

Like in many metropolitan areas around the globe, you'll find some of Korea's best brunch menus in cafes.

Staples like scrambled eggs and bacon will always find their way onto a brunch table, but South Korea also likes to go heavier on the avocados, fruits, and sourdough bread compared to my brunch experiences in the United States. And because anything goes in brunch, you'll oftentimes see all these foods layered together in a delicious mountain of breakfast heaven.

Korean specialties work beautifully in a brunch meal. Fan favorites like Korean fried chicken and waffles, spicy ramen, and bap (rice) dishes not only serve as savory meals, but if you partied hard the night before, a Korean brunch will certainly cure a nasty hangover if you're desperate for one.

Of all the ingredients in brunch, one of the most important and experimented with is the egg. From Egg's Benedict (poached eggs coated with hollandaise sauce) to eggs in hell (eggs cooked in spicy tomato sauce with cheese), South Korea has embraced them all. Check out this recipe of eggs in hell (more like heaven!) courtesy of YouTuber honeykki to inspire your next brunch.

If you're a brunch fiend like me, what are some of your favorite items to order? I'm partial to Egg's Benedict over sausage with hashbrowns and maybe a waffle on the side. Let us know in the comments section below! Happy brunch, SnackFever fam.

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