Take a Trip Down K-Star Road!

Take a Trip Down K-Star Road!

The K-Star Road is a special project in Gangnam for foreign tourists looking to experience the Korean (or Hallyu) Wave. Does Gangnam sound familiar? Probably! This is the Gangnam from PSY's song "Gangnam Style." This area has always been associated with being stylish and trendy, and many of the films and dramas you’ve seen have been shot here. This place is also home to a lot of your favourite idols' talent agencies. All of this makes it the perfect place for the K-Star Road!

The K-Star Road starts from Apgujeong Rodeo Station and goes all the way to Cheongdam Crossway. To make it easier for first time visitors, it has been divided into 4 zones (A, B, C, D). As the name suggests, this road lets you follow in the footsteps of your favourite idol by visiting the shops and restaurants frequented by them. It takes you to places where you can experience Korean culture in person.

A very popular attraction on this road is the "Gangnamdol," a big bear-like doll that represents an Idol group. There are eighteen such installations along the road, each one representing one of the popular groups, including Super Junior, SHINee, BTS, Girls' Generation, and EXO to name a few.

They also have a Gangnamdol HAUS where you can buy miniature figures and magnets of your favourite Gangnamdol.

So, when you get to Korea, make sure the K-Star Road is on your to-go list. You never know who you might bump into!

Written by Twinkle

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