SM Fans, This Guide to SMTOWN's Gift Shop is For You

SM Fans, This Guide to SMTOWN's Gift Shop is For You

A show of hands if one of your favorite K-pop groups belongs to SM Entertainment? Whether it's Girls' Generation, EXO, NCT, or Red Velvet, there's one place in South Korea where you can find the most exclusive SMTOWN merchandise ever imaginable, and that's SMTOWN's Gift Shop. The store itself is only one part of an extensive SM experience that also includes the SMTOWN Museum and an SM themed cafe. The entire exhibit is amazing and perhaps a bit overwhelming at first.

SMTOWN Museum at Starfield COEX Mall features individualized sections for each SM artist, and each one showcases unique artifacts you won't find anywhere else. From iconic wardrobe pieces that SM idols wore in their music videos, to props and accessories, it’s all here. If you ever find yourself in Seoul, South Korea, make sure to add SMTOWN museum on your bucket list, if for nothing else than to see the sheer magnitude of it for yourself.

In terms of merchandise, this place not only sells it but does so in an innovative fashion. It’s always been a marquee detail of SM as a company. They invest heavily in the visual impact that their artists deliver to their fans, and that same sensory attention carries into how they’ve developed their merchandising strategy inside SMTOWN’s Gift Shop. Here’s a few things to look out for on your journey to rep your bias in style!

For the Stationery Lovers

If you're crafty and love to collect unique stationery, what about adding an adorable pen set to your collection? These Red Velvet ball pens are honestly the cutest things ever. They have a minimalistic body with a unique fruit on top that corresponds with each member of the group.

If you want to declare your EXO bias in a subtle fashion, then leave your mark with these mini stamps. They come with different designs for every member. Before you know it, all your paperwork will be filled with Kai's name.

But who are we kidding, if you have the pens and the stamps already, might as well complete your stationery dream by grabbing your favorites' matching notepads, sticky notes, and stickers! Knowing how much SM spends on achieving aesthetic goals in their music videos and marketing, it’s no surprise some of these sets look absolutely gorgeous.

Take it Outside~

For fans that like to carry their bias to the great outdoors, you'll love showing off your fandom pride with an umbrella, like this one featuring a Super Junior design. Block the sun (or rain) in style.

If you're feeling extra fancy, you might as well show it all off. A tote and matching towel will do. For someone who lives in a relatively warm climate, I’d love to get my hands on these for next summer.

Lunch Like a True Fan

SMTOWN’s Gift Shop offers different options for water bottles. These new ones come with decals that feature different tracklists for artists like BoA, f(x), TVXQ, and many more. You know, in case you forget their best singles.

Nothing will scream the name of your bias in f(x) louder than a colorful muddler in your glass. Does this particular item have a purpose other than to stir your drink? Not really. Will it make your cocktail stand out among the rest? Absolutely.

And that’s just scratching the surface of the things you will find inside the SMTOWN Museum and Gift Shop. The exhibit has an incredible amount of collectable pins, greeting cards, and posters for all their active groups. They carry gear like hats and official t-shirts too, so while we’ve guided you towards a handful of gifts to check out, be prepared to spend just about your entire day (and your life’s savings) when you visit SMTOWN’s impressive K-pop destination.

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