PENTAGON Explores the Love Realm with 'Universe: The Black Hall'

PENTAGON Explores the Love Realm with 'Universe: The Black Hall'

PENTAGON gives fans a dark love concept with Universe: The Black Hall. Unlike the group’s usual upbeat music, the first full-length album takes you into a world like no other before. 

Lead single “Dr.Bebe” dives into a dark reality that will have you going insane with the members. With such a dark concept comes an equally dark song. Reminiscing about the hurt they’ve been through all because of love, PENTAGON’s “Dr. Bebe” talks about the pain they feel when the one they want the most is not with them. Knowing that the only person who can heal the pain is missing drives PENTAGON mad. 

The music video is composed of black leather outfits and abandoned buildings for the intense scenes. Other scenes show the members living ultimately regular lives and the pain they’re going through. The fierce and powerful choreography the group performs will have you feeling the same emotions. “Dr. Bebe” is a song that will have you weary about who exactly you fall in love with.

What should I do, oh my, I’m in pain
You are the only one who can heal me
Please come back to me
Hey Dr. Bebe (could die for you)

Exploring a dark reality might not sound like lots of fun, but PENTAGON makes sure to be by your side with this album. “The Black Hall” is a heavily electronic-based song that flows very naturally with the members' seductive voices. It talks of an everyday darkness a person has gotten used to that all of a sudden changes when this new someone appears. That feeling is compared to something almost euphoric, and has the members hoping this feeling will last forever. Keeping the theme of electronic beats and better days is “Asteroid,” in which the members talk about this person being the asteroid that they gravitate towards. 

To switch things up is “Shower of Rain.” Although it has a bouncy beat, the lyrics that accompany it are anything but happy. PENTAGON talks about the pain of knowing that while both sides in a relationship are trying sometimes to make things better, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. “Die for You” is not your typical slow song. Though it flows with the members singing, the song picks up intensity whenever the group’s rap duo enters the melody. As the title implies, the message of doing whatever for that certain someone goes to show that when the members love, they do it hard.

“Someday” gives the intense album a break and slows things down for a bit. A combination of string instruments, piano notes and harmonizing vocals gives fans a heartfelt moment in this dark, love-filled album. “Happiness” is a song any universe will know. Being a Japanese single the group released a couple months back, the song made a reappearance in this album as the Korean version. As the title implies, the members sing about the feeling of happiness overtaking them when they’re with that special someone. No matter what language they sing this song in, you’ll feel the emotion through their voices.

With the plucking of guitar strings and the group’s mellow voices coming through, “Talk” will have you feeling like you’re right next to them. Reminiscing, PENTAGON talks about the day their eyes laid on the person they consider their soulmate. “Worship You” is a song that stays true to the title. This electronic-based beat has the group head-over-heels for the one that made their gloomy days bright again. 

“Zoom Up” switches the theme of the album all together. With a creative title comes an equally creative beat that will have anyone dancing along to the song before it ends. “Camellia” talks about their love blooming like that of a flower sprouting in the spring. Knowing that their love might change throughout the seasons, PENTAGON knows this flower will hold up even in the cold of December. 

Are you ready to explore this Universe with PENTAGON?

The group does a good job of keeping in touch with their fans through their social media. Find them having fun filled fan interactions and posting silly pictures of themselves on Twitter.

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Cover Image: PENTAGON (Cube Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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