K-Pop Idol-Flavored Snacks?!?

K-Pop Idol-Flavored Snacks?!?

By Bobby Park

Featured Image @ChogiOhJeneHun

As K-Pop music has been spreading all around the world, K-Pop idols are making an impact in many aspects of Korean culture, including food. Many entertainment agencies have cafes under their company office so that fans can wait for their idols in a comfortable environment.☕

FNC entertainment has a separate cafe called FNC WOW in Myungdong that sells coffee and baked goods themed after their idols. You can get coffee with latte art of FT Island's Hongki to go along with your album photocards!

 SM Entertainment is one of the first companies to be expanding their business into the snack and food industries. EXO members have potato chip snacks of all different flavors themed after their "Growl" album comeback!

 You can also visit the SUM cafe at the COEX center to enjoy delicious cupcakes named after your favorite SM idols!🍰


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