Hot Takes: Nacho Average Chips 'n Cheese

Hot Takes: Nacho Average Chips 'n Cheese

The sound of packaging ripping open to sweet and salty deliciousness is music to our ears, but every now and then, we love to indulge in snacks that take a little more heat. While these Korean bites take a bit more effort, it only means the results are that much more delicious!

Have you ever wondered how the food pyramid would look like if it only contained snacks? It is safe to say that nachos are very close to sharing the peak with the most amazing comfort foods out there. What could be better than lazing around with your favorite TV show on and a bowl of a quite well balanced scrumptious snack? If you feel like nachos are your holy grail, then you will definitely want to try a variety of Korean nachos. 

Nachos originally came from Northern Mexico as a snack or appetizer, it’s most common ingredients being melted cheese, sour cream, beans, salsa, sometimes beef, jalapenos and of course corn tortilla chips. Like most international foods in Korea, the recipes are usually altered a little bit to bring pieces of each culture together; using the main ingredients and then adding some new ones to make a unique recipe, which intrigues food lovers everywhere.

  • Korean Nachos with Kimchi and Bulgogi Beef

If you have ever tried bulgogi, you know you are in for a treat. The recipe has two of the most renowned ingredients of Korean cuisine—mildly sweet, tender and savory beef alongside tangy and crunchy kimchi. Together with the melted cheese and other original ingredients, this makes the nachos finger-licking good, enough to fill you up, each bite melting in your mouth and leaving you satisfied. If you are ready to try the recipe at home, here you can find a version with corn tortilla chips and another wonderful recipe if you would like to use wonton chips instead. 

The best ingredient that ties it all together is the sauce. Would you like it to be spicier? Just add some gochujang to your sour cream and either drizzle it over the hot, steaming plate of nachos or put it close by as a dip. 

  • Vegan Kimchi Nachos 

Not a fan of meat? Not a problem! These vegan nachos will surely lift up your spirit once you try them. Either with sweet potato chips or the original corn tortilla chips, all of the ingredients complement each other. A gluten-free and vegan-friendly snack filled with a healthy dose of kimchi, beans, dairy-free cheddar cheese, some sweet red peppers and guacamole—it is so quick and easy to make. Try this recipe at home! In about twenty minutes you will be lounging somewhere cozy, not a worry in your mind, only the sound of vegan kimchi nachos crunching in your mouth. 

  • Nacho Chicken

To add a quite different kind of nachos, these frozen goodies (though not as healthy) will always comfort in the time of need. Say hello to Nacho Chicken (나쵸치킨), chicken nuggets shaped like the triangle corn tortilla chips with some cheddar cheese and jalapeño mixed inside. You can pair it with some kimchi and fresh vegetables, eat it as it is or make a skewer; just add some sauce and enjoy your quick and tasty snack! 

In Korea, there are many innovative food tweaks that make eating and cooking more interesting, opening our minds to new possible food combinations and tricks we could later use in the kitchen, maybe even experiment a little. Usually, in Korea these tweaked nachos or just nacho chips with a cheese dip are sold in food trucks in the streets, sports games, movie theaters, bars or Mexican cuisine based restaurants. If you prefer home cooking instead, then making a big plate of nachos at home is just what you need for the perfect weekend. What kind of ingredients do you think are the best to make them? Share your favorite way of making nachos with us and comment below!

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Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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