Messaging apps have become the main source of communication for millions, connecting individuals to one another all across the globe. These sorts of apps that allow an individual to send and receive texts, images and videos have become a trend that has not only attracted both fashion and beauty trendsetters internationally but numerous celebrities as well. 

One of the most acclaimed apps of the generation is known as Line. The Line messaging app was established in 2011 by Line Corporation which happens to be a Japanese subsidiary of South Korea’s largest search web, Naver. What was first created to be a disaster response app due to the Tohoku earthquake in Japan, Line gained extreme popularity and within the first eighteen months of its release, Line attracted 100 million users.

 It is safe to say that since then, the number has only escalated through the years. The question is, what made this platform so popular around the world? The answer is simple, LINE friends.

LINE friends are characters that were created based off of the stickers that were available on the LINE messaging app. Many have taken a liking into these characters which caused their branching out within the company. Now, are they not only used as stickers in the messaging app but there are LINE friends products, cafes, a hotel, and even a theme park. Let's go ahead and meet the LINE friends who have become the face of the company

First, let’s meet a famous couple of LINE friends. Say hello to Brown and Cony! Brown is a timid and mellow bear that is very quiet. His expressionless demeanor makes him quite difficult to read. However, when he is mad, he becomes the scariest of the LINE friends.

Cony is always cheerful. She tends to be a bit self- centered and careless which causes many misunderstandings, but in the end, she reflects and resolves everything between her and the other LINE friends.

Now let's meet Moon!! Moon is very whimsical and is always on an emotional rollercoaster. He's always getting into trouble because he acts upon his own instinct.

Next to greet is Sally the duck. She is a feeble-minded, feisty little chick who is always pulling pranks on her other friends, accidentally resolving complicated situations for them.

Say hello to Leonard the frog! He is the introvert of the group. Leonard is mostly quiet and likes to be alone, rather than around lots of people. No one is to disturb his alone time because that is when he gets quite angry.

Let us meet James and Boss. James is a young guy who is quite egocentric and is always tagging along with Boss. James cares so much about his beauty, exclusively his blonde hair.  Although at times he may come off as mindless and timid, he tends to remain positive at all times.

Boss is a middle aged man, making him the eldest, who is always getting home late, angering his wife. Despite his sneakiness and strictness with his work colleagues, he is said to have a kind side.

Now onto another couple from the LINE family. Say hello to Pangyo and Choco. Pangyo is a giant panda who is quite the friendly and playful character. Pangyo also happens to be really lazy and easy going. Choco is more of a social butterfly who loves a little bit of gossip. And like everyone, she loves to take a good selfie session.

Finally, it's time to say hello to the youngest, Edward the little caterpillar! Edward is quite the naive and adventurous little character who always gets into trouble with his friends, but nonetheless, he cares for them so much.

The amazing world of LINE is one that is constantly growing; their reach and influence have no limits. It's no wonder why so many want to be a part of this world and why their characters have become loved figures all around the world. So stay tuned because you'll definitely be in for a surprise.

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