Golden Tambourine: A Peek into an Exciting Karaoke Party 🎤

Golden Tambourine: A Peek into an Exciting Karaoke Party 🎤

Wherever you go, wherever you look, in South Korea the cities are filled with many signs attached to the buildings, plenty of them with one distinctive word: 노래방 (noraebang), which literally means “song room,” but most people understand it as karaoke. These karaoke places have been, and still are, very popular, singing in a noraebang is often seen in dramas and entertainment shows. In 2016, television channel Mnet even turned its concept into an exciting comedic singing competition show called Golden Tambourine. The show is funny, lively and the incredible cast and witty guests make sure the viewers never get bored.

  • The Cast

The main cast of the show is made out of four celebrities, taking the name “T4,” which includes Weki Meki's Choi Yoo Jung, singer-actor-entertainer and leader of 2AM, Jo Kwon; comedian Yoo Se Yoon, and TV comedy host and actor, Shim Hyung Tak. The four—all together, in pairs or separately—create amazing and fun stages for the audience. They all compete against their friends and each other, making an effort to win the title of the best performance. Of course it is all just a friendly competition, but sometimes the performers manage to playfully provoke their competitors causing a funny reaction.

The show has invited guests such as Somi from I.O.I, who recently started her solo career, members from g.o.d, Jackson from GOT7, YooA from Oh My Girl, Basick, and many others to compete against T4.

  • The Performances

In the name of I.O.I, Somi (who was a member of the group at the time) and members of g.o.d as a team decided to cover “Very Very Very,” which turned out to be very entertaining. Not to mention the steady vocals and the will to keep a straight face, which was most likely the hardest part to master!

Jo Kwon and Panda Kim teamed up in a powerful and enticing performance covering Beyoncé’s hit song “Crazy in Love.” To dance and sing such a song in a dress and high heels requires a lot of practice, and both of the talented performers pull it off fabulously.

Comedian Yoo Se Yoon, who was fully immersed in his character; together with Yoo Jung, who likes to cover boy group dances, covered “Fire” by BTS, including a surprise performance by Flowsik and a slight comedic change of lyrics at the end.

In this performance Yoo Jung exceeds charisma, showing not only a very good impersonation of Zico from Block B’s song and music video “Very Good,” but also her talent as a singer and entertainer. It is amazing how she is able to capture everyone’s attention and make the audience dance. Even the whole stage fills with comically chaotic energy, bringing people from the other team to dance together and join the party.

Even though the show ended, it is still possible to watch it online, either on OnDemandKorea if you are from North or South America, or check out Mnet’s YouTube playlist for the performances. What is absolutely brilliant about the show is that no matter how well the cast and guests can sing, the most important thing is to make it entertaining. As a symbolic and fun detail, people in the audience have tambourines to support the performers on stage. This creates radiant energy that reaches even the people watching the show at home.

If you ever get the chance to go to South Korea, make sure to go to a noraebang and have your own karaoke party. Even in a small karaoke room, singing your heart out sure is fun!

What song would you cover if you would have the chance to sing in the show? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Golden Tambourine
Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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