Fruit-Flavored Snack Attack

Fruit-Flavored Snack Attack

Fruity deliciousness, fresh from the aisle!

Korea has a great appreciation for fruits that runs very deep in its culture. Because of this, there is a wide variety of Korean snacks and drinks that include an array of fruit flavors. Here are just some of the most popular fruity goodies that can be found in the chips and candy aisle at your local Asian or Korean Market.

Banana Kick

Made in 1978, Banana Kick has been one of the most inexpensive, most accessible, and most delicious Korean snacks since their conception. Coming in the form of a corn-puff, Banana Kick delivers the sweet taste of banana in a chip bag. And if you didn’t know, it’s named comes from its physical resemblance to the shape of a soccer kick! With its delicious “kick” of flavor and crunch, Banana Kick could drive you bananas.


Written in its name, Melona channels the sweet flavor of melon into a refreshing milk-based popsicle. A classic of Korean ice cream, Melona has been helping people beat the heat since 1992. So next time you’re looking for a way to cool down, grab a stick of this creamy delight!

Strawberry Sando Biscuit

This delicious biscuit sandwich snack combines the delicate flavors of strawberry and cream cheese in its filling and is packaged in a cute pink wrapper. Inspired by the Japanese dessert sandwich “Sando”, this biscuit sandwich is a very light alternative that comes with two sandwiches per package!

BINGGRAE Flavored Milk Drinks

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The BINGGRAE is no stranger to fruit flavors, as evidenced by their fruit flavored milk drinks. While its flavors include strawberry and melon, Banana Milk is the most well-known of BINGGRAE’s milk drinks. As the name suggests, Banana Milk delivers the satisfying richness of milk as well as the delicious abundant taste of banana. When you want a sweet drink, Banana Milk is a perfect choice and is most likely available in every Asian Market for a very cheap price!

Double Dip Pepero (Strawberry)

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What’s better than a biscuit stick with a delicious coating? A biscuit stick with not one, but two delicious coatings, of course! You may be familiar with the PEPERO snack, but did you know that it comes in a variety of flavors other than chocolate? Another very popular strawberry flavored biscuit, this one, in particular, comes with a delectable covering of chocolate overlapped by another covering of strawberry! Satisfyingly sweet, don’t miss this option on your next venture to your local Asian market!

My Gumi Grape

If you’re a fan of western fruit gummies like gummy worms, gummy bears, of Welch’s Fruit Snacks, My Gumi Grape is the perfect choice for you. This chewy snack brings the sweet taste of grape in the form of a jelly, perfect for when you are in the mood to snack! If grape isn’t your choice flavor, My Gumi also comes in peach as well!

Fruit flavors are always a good choice, and, thanks to Korean snacks, there are many ways to enjoy these flavors! Korea offers a variety of snacks that allow you to either chew, crunch, or drink your preferred fruit flavor! Next time you get a fixing for fruit, you may find the answer in a variety of Korean snacks!

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