Cute Candy That's Sugary Sweet: Dalgona!

Cute Candy That's Sugary Sweet: Dalgona!

I'm Dalgonna get you to love Dalgona!

by DannyLovesKpop

What is the hype behind this sugar candy, and why is it such a popular snack in South Korea? I'm here to explain exactly what Dalgona is, and how to make one to enjoy for yourself!

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Dalgona (달고나), also known as Ppopgi (뽑기), is a very popular street snack made from sugar and baking soda. The name "Dalgona" originates from the way people eat this snack. While eating, consumers will try and eat around the patterns. Traditionally, after buying a Dalgona, the street vendor will give you another for free if you successfully eat around the patterns without having the candy fall apart. Some vendors also press special patterns onto this sugar cookie. If you choose a Dalgona with one of these special patterns, try the challenge yourself! Check out the video below to see just how difficult it is to grab another candy gratis!

Now for some hands-on work. Here's how to prepare Dalgona for yourself!  Dalgona Incredients All you need to make this delicious treat is brown or white sugar, and baking soda. Sweet, fun, and cheap! Maangchi has a great tutorial on how to make Dalgona at home, along with a video for those of you who are more visual learners.

Dalgona is great for both kids and adults! The older generation will love biting into a wholesome chunk of nostalgia, since this candy has been around for so long. Kids, as well, love making and eating this sugary treat, especially if their favorite characters are pressed into the center!

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Check out this video of a street vendor making it!

If you do learn how to make flawless Dalgona, congrats! You might want to consider taking your talent to the streets and cooking up some street Dalgona yourself!


Well, you craving candy yet? Have you tried Dalgona before? If you try the recipe out for yourself, be sure to let us know how it goes! Or if you're lazy (like me) and just want some good ol' premade candy, check out what we have at the SnackFever shop!

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