Churros in Korea

Churros in Korea

When you think of Korean snacks, what do you think of? Banana milk, spicy ramen, maybe even honey butter chips! Churros would probably not be your first guess. Though, they found a place in the hearts and stomachs of South-Koreans in the past couple of years.

The popularity of this pastry took off in early 2010’s with the opening of stores like Churro 101 and Street Churros. They are well known for their various culinary creations. Churros are dipped in chocolate, they can be filled with cream cheese, made into fries, and there’s even churro hot dogs! That might not sound as appetizing but it sells for a reason.

If you want to try some Korean churros and you’re in Los Angeles, check out Street Churros on 6801 Hollywood Blvd #253, Los Angeles, CA 9002. It’s in the heart of Hollywood, so be prepared for a long line. See the hype, even just looking at their Instagram will leave your mouth watering. It’s worth the wait!

Churro can also be found in bite-size pieces but not in the way you think. More like chips, mini-churros are also a popular snack.The famous company Nongshim sells them, they’re the perfect little snack. Not too sweet and the crunch is satisfying. Getting your hands on some isn’t cheap but you can get a pack of twelve on Amazon for $19.08.  

Many brands have their own cute churros from Line Friends to Doremon. Back in 2016, the company Myungdo released Pikachu churros! These chocolate filled churros with the smiling electric Pokemon was a huge hit. They don’t judge a snack by it’s packaging but in this case it only makes it more tempting to buy.

The origin of churros isn’t quite clear but it isn’t needed to enjoy this great snack. Thanks to Korea, there are now a million different flavors, many differently shaped, and very delicious churros out there. Now, go give them a try!

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