Chi'Lantro Korean BBQ Accepts 'Shark Tank' Deal

Chi'Lantro Korean BBQ Accepts 'Shark Tank' Deal

Someone please bring us an order of Chi'Lantro's kimchi fries. PLEASE.

by James Bbang

 They say that third time's the charm. For Jae Kim, the founder and CEO of Austin, Texas-based restaurant Chi'Lantro, the third time meant successfully inking a $600,000 investment deal on the show Shark Tank! Kim went on the show on November 11, bringing along his Korean BBQ-inspired cuisine. One of the sharks, business expert Barbara Corcoran, was impressed by the food and his inspiring story as an immigrant and entrepreneur.

You can watch a segment of the broadcast below: Chi'Lantro began in 2010 as a single food truck serving Korean-Mexican fusion food, and the name is a play on "kimchi" and "cilantro." Their signature cuisine begins with its kimchi fries. Take a gaze upon its beauty.

The fries come with your choice of meat (spicy pork, spicy chicken, soy-glazed chicken, tofu, or ribeye beef), a delectable-sounding "caramelized kimchi" that Chi'Lantro makes on their own, cheese, cilantro, sesame seeds, Sriracha, and their magic sauce. My goodness. For those who are wary of trying kimchi for the first time, Kim says he understands -- many Texans had never tried kimchi, let alone Korean food before trying Chi'Lantro. But now, many of those people love the kimchi fries! If you're curious and willing, these might be a good place to get your first taste of our favorite fermented dish.

Chi'Lantro opened its first brick and mortar in January 2015. Currently, they're set to open their fifth location this month! With the new investment, the restaurant is looking to expand into other areas of Texas. Stay tuned!

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