7 Types of Korean Bread That Will Make You Break Your No Carb Diet

7 Types of Korean Bread That Will Make You Break Your No Carb Diet

Bbang Bbang Bbang!

by CarinneJ

Pronounced "bbang" (빵) in Korean, bread is one food that we usually cut out of our diets when trying to slim down for the summer. But these Korean breads will make you want to forget about that diet real quick.

1. Soboro Bread (소보로 빵) This crumbly concoction is Korean streusel bread. It can be bought plain or with filling.

2. Sora Bread (소라 빵) Twisty and tasty?! Yes please! Sora bread is a light bread shell with a mocha filling.

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2. Hwangnam Bread (황남빵) Also referred to as Gyeongju bread (경주빵), this is a bun filled with good ol' red bean paste.

3. Mochi Bread (모찌 빵) Mochi bread comes with a variety of fillings; cheese, chocolate, you name it. Plus, they're cute!

4.  Hodugwaja (호두과자) At first glance they might look like walnuts, but they're actually baked balls of dough filled with red bean paste and bits of walnut.

5. Korean Carp Bread (붕어빵) This is a popular street food filled with, you guessed it, red bean paste! They can also be filled with vanilla or chocolate custard, or ice cream.


6. Korean Egg Bread (계란 빵) This pastry can count as a healthy snack, right? Since...there's...egg in it? #protein?

7. Red Bean Bun (단팥 빵) Okay, okay! Last red bean paste filled pastry. It's just so good!

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Did you make it to the end of this list without drooling? Why not start your diet tomorrow and try these 7 Korean breads today?

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