5 Korean Cooking Instagram Accounts to Help Out Your Inner Chef

5 Korean Cooking Instagram Accounts to Help Out Your Inner Chef

Often while watching TV or scrolling through social media, there may be a Korean dish that catches your eye, and the desire to make and taste it arises. It can feel intimidating to try a recipe from another culture because of the unfamiliar ingredients, or cooking methods, and not knowing if you are doing the steps correctly.

Luckily, with the power of the internet, finding videos that walk you through each step along with helpful tips is a simple task. For those who have a flair for cooking already, Instagram videos are perfect to watch. The time-lapse videos give a brief overview of what to do, and easy access to the steps in the description, allows you to start in no time!

Now let’s check out 5 cooking Instagram accounts that will get you cooking!

  • Cookat Korea (@cookat_korea)

Cookat Korea is the Korean counterpart to the Instagram account, Cookat, both being created in early 2016 and featuring almost 3,000 cooking videos! Cookat Korea uses time-lapse videos to teach their viewers how to make different Korean meals, snacks, and desserts! They also share unique and tasty food found in Korea! Each video lists the steps and ingredients within the description for easy access when following along!

Warning: Your stomach may rumble while scrolling through their account!

  • Korean Cooking (@gleetz)

Korean Cooking is an account run by a woman named Gloria Lee, who lives in New York City and provides a video a week of an authentic Korean recipe that revolves around the theme of home cooking. In the description of each video, she gives a brief history on the recipe, the ingredients, and of course the steps to make it!

This rice cake soup will help keep you warm during the cold months!

  • Eden Table (@eden_table)

Eden Table has a love for Korean food and wants to share it with the rest of the world. With over 1,500 posts and a million followers, she has a wide range of recipes for all cooking levels! Easy and simple meals do not have steps or ingredients in the description — the videos are mainly used for a guideline — which means you can have fun creating your own version! The recipes that are a little more complex have a list of steps and ingredients, which are in Korean, and can be translated easily if you are using the app on your phone!

This recipe is good for beginners and gives you the freedom to find your cooking style!

  • The Easy Chan (@theeasychan)

The Easy Chan is a smaller account, but still has over 400 posts to explore! The recipes they make are typically at an intermediate cooking level, with some being more advanced and some more simple. Each video has the steps included in Korean; and while the app makes translating easy, if using a computer, a third-party translator will be needed.

Make sure not to scroll through their page on an empty stomach; it’s sure to make your mouth water!

  • Yony Table (@1053yony.table)

The theme of this account is “ordinary housewife’s ordinary cooking,” and it has over 300 posts of recipes to test your skills! The meals are pretty straightforward and don’t require too much time out of your day to prepare. This mom shares about her day along with the cooking instructions in the descriptions, which will need to be translated.

Every dish was made with love and is sure to give you that feeling of home.

These are just a few of many Korean cooking accounts you can find on Instagram that will help out your inner chef! Have you tried any of these recipes before? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Ashton Carson

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