Oddly Satisfying: Korean Home Cafes

Oddly Satisfying: Korean Home Cafes

You’ve seen slime videos, kinetic sand videos, and ASMR videos...but have you seen Korean home cafe videos? The name Korean home cafe is pretty self-explanatory, but they are essentially cafe foods created in the comfort of a home. Home cafes have been on the rise on social media and it’s the perfect blend of satisfying and aesthetically-pleasing, due to the attention to detail and meticulous arrangements. The videos of these minimalist cafe creations often feature the production of colourful drinks with accompanying jingles as background music.

Or in true ASMR fashion, some videos have no music and consist of the tinkering of ice cubes falling into cups and the sound of fresh milk filling up tall glasses.

If a particular drink tickles your fancy, some home cafe accounts also post videos with step-by-step guides, allowing you to kick start your very own home cafe! These YouTube home cafe videos are also great for when you need a longer video to lull you to sleep.

Some other posts showcase the production of the different drink components, such as these decorative, floral ice cubes.

If you’re looking to expand your horizons, home cafes also feature the creation of desserts. Home cafe dessert videos can include cupcake icing piping...

Or strawberry pancake tower assembling, featuring perfect piping and strawberry placement...

Or the process of piping and baking dainty, little madeleines.

If cafe lattes, lemonades, and baked goods aren’t quite your speed, Korean home bars have also similarly been on the rise. For instance, check out this cute little Shiba Inu cocktail, featuring the tinkering of ice falling into the glass, mixed in with orangey-pink liquids, garnished with lemon slices.

However, in terms of popularity, the videos of cafe drink creation still seem to take the cake.

Next time you’re feeling like indulging in oddly satisfying videos, make sure to check out Korean home cafes for an aesthetically pleasing ASMR experience!

Written by Stephanie Leung

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