Jeju Island: Popular Vacation Spot and Green Tea Hub

Jeju Island: Popular Vacation Spot and Green Tea Hub

Jeju Island is located in the Jeju Province, has beautiful scenery, warm temperature, and is known for its green tea. There are many different attractions to see while on Jeju Island, and of course, many unique green tea treats!

A few attractions worth seeing if going to Jeju Island are:

  • Mount Hallasan

Korea’s tallest mountain is actually a dormant volcano and is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. If you want to give hiking a try, do not let the height of this mountain stop you. It is a fairly easy climb, and hiking up and down only takes a day! You will be rewarded with completing a climb as well as the beautiful sights only to be seen on the mountain.

In the summer months, cold drinks are preferred to be able to cool off, and you can enjoy green tea in a few ways, such as buying a concentrated form and making it hot or iced, depending on your mood for the day. The brand Table offers a box of twenty sachets of Jeju green tea that can be enjoyed on a hike up Mount Hallasan!

  •  Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy bear lovers will enjoy taking a trip to this museum! It showcases many teddy bears that resemble famous artworks and people from all around the world, and many of them have been made by hand! You can also stroll through the garden and drink some tea with the huge teddy bear sculptures that are located outside.

  • Seonimgyo Bridge

This bridge is located over Cheonjeyeon Waterfall and has seven nymphs carved in the side of it, which symbolizes the seven legendary nymphs that would descend at night into the heavens. There is a festival held in May, Chilseonyeo Festival, to celebrate them!

Want an aesthetically pleasing drink to sip on while crossing the bridge? You can treat yourself to green tea-flavored drinks and treats at Starbucks on the island. They also offer different flavours that are popular to Jeju and are worth looking at!

  • Jeju Folk Village Museum

Take a trip back to 19th century Korea, and be immersed in the rich history that is preserved at this museum. With over 100 old houses and 8000 artifacts, this is definitely a history fanatics dream come true. There are four villages to explore: Mountain Village, Hill Village, Fishing Village, and Shamanism Village, as well as other exhibit halls, and even dance performances!

  • Manjanggul Cave

This is another UNESCO Heritage site that was formed over 2.5 million years ago, and is one of the largest lava tunnels in the world. It is about 13 km long, however, only about 1 km is open to tourists. It has many lava tunnels to explore, which use different colored lighting to add to the adventure, and there are animals, such as bats, roaming around the cave. A neat experience for any vacation!

  • O’Sulloc Museum

Now calling all matcha lovers as we explore the wonderful green tea treats Jeju Island offers! There are many drinks and snacks to discover, and the best place to visit to experience it all is O’Sulloc Museum. Enjoy the tour of the museum, which includes the history of tea and tea wares, the brand story, the tasting of tea, and of course the tea store!

The store is the best place to get your matcha fix after exploring the museum. You can treat yourself to a cup of tea in the mountains or you can have ice cream or something from the bakery; green tea flavor, of course!

A favorite treat to buy of many is Jeju green tea chocolate, which makes for a great gift to bring back home or a snack to enjoy later.

Another great gift idea or something you may want to keep all to yourself: green tea spread! You can now add the taste of matcha to anything you want and enjoy it at any time. What could be better than that?

One of the most popular desserts at O’Sulloc would be their green tea cheesecake. It is creamy and moist, and a lovely green, making it worth a picture for your Instagram!

  • Natuur

If you visit Jeju Island during the summer, the best way to beat the heat is with ice cream—green tea ice cream—and a popular place to get it is Natuur! Natuur serves a great taste of ice cream along with aesthetics—a good time for foodies and food bloggers!

  • Umu Pudding

Not in the mood for ice cream? How about some green tea-flavored pudding from Umu Pudding? It’s perfectly dense and comes in a few flavors in case those who are traveling with you aren’t the matcha fanatic like you. It's a perfect treat to enjoy in the cafe or any attraction in Jeju.

Jeju Island offers unique adventures and treats for avid travelers, matcha lovers, and anyone who loves Korea. This just scratched the surface of the wonders of Jeju Island and is worth visiting if ever in the area!

Written by Ashton Carson

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