MukBlog: BTS & Potato Noodle Soup ?

MukBlog: BTS & Potato Noodle Soup ?

They may be bulletproof, but they sure as heck ain’t hungerproof!

by RoyalCha

 I’m back again with the boys of BTS! It seems a lot of international ARMYs are curious about what they’re eating. There’s no clear picture of them eating these instant noodles, but judging by the giant box their staff member is holding, they clearly enjoy Nongshim’s Potato Noodle Soup! BTS With Potato Noodle Soup

A fansite snapped this pic as they headed to the USA for the Billboard Music Awards! It seems they wanted to make sure they had plenty of these savory noodles in stock in their hotel room while they wandered around Las Vegas. Even though the picture was just of the box, I was able to track it down by the name and logo!

Nongshim Potato Noodle Soup

Potato Noodle Soup is a savory and chewy instant ramyun, and it showcases noodles made from potatoes, with broth flavored with potatoes as well. Ramyun reviewers have described the noodles as chewier, with a light potato taste, and the broth is more veggie than it is spicy, and not too thick. It’s definitely a unique member of the Korean instant ramyun family!

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