MukBlog: SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo & Yogurt Jelly
Say the name; YOGURT JELLY! by RoyalCha One of our interns brought us these pics, asking about what Seventeen’s Wonwoo was seen merrily eating at one of their fan sign events! Image Source: Raffine_WW on Twitter This particular snack is...
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Fashion Trends: Look to K-Pop!
Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends? Look no further than your favorite K-Pop music videos! by Fit-n-spicy Mochi K-Pop is well known for technicolor, visually stunning, and expertly choreographed music videos. Behind every group's "comeback" is a well...
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Chopped: Korean Convenience Store Edition
Chefs, get ready. Today's secret ingredient: everything in this Korean convenience store! Who can make the most killer combo? by RoyalCha If you've read our previous article about Got7's member Mark's special "Mark Meal," then you already about the creative...
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Korean Dinner Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts
Whether you're meeting parents, coworkers, or even just friends, here's a quick rundown of Korean dinner etiquette before you make a fool of yourself. by Jasmine Edwards This week, I'm bringing my friends to my favorite local Korean restaurant. They have...
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