ZICO Flies High with 'Balloon'

ZICO Flies High with 'Balloon'

After releasing Thinking Part.1 in September, rapper ZICO keeps us contemplating with its continuation, Thinking Part. 2. You can take each mini album on their own or bring them together for a full-length version. One thing that stays consistent throughout both parts is the message of reflection — looking back at things that have occurred and using them to look forward. Thinking Part. 2 title track “Balloon” reflects on past and present choices that have gotten a person to where they are today.

Being quite different from the electronic-based songs on Thinking Part.1, “Balloon” shows fans a different side to the rapper many might not have known about. With the slow plucking of guitar strings, the intro is soothing; and notes that are easy on the ear will lure you in with ZICO’s mix of singing, rapping, and at times, talking will hold you until the end.

The rapper gets through the message of wanting to fit in when he already stands out, and because of this, a feeling of helplessness settles in. ZICO compares himself to being a balloon that has been let go, tying into an analogy meaning that although he was meant to easily fly, he was meant to be held, too. Now being on his own, it's much easier to be pushed around. Looking back on his past decisions is what makes him wonder how he got to this point in life.

There isn’t a particular color I want
I just want to belong somewhere
I’ve already grown so big
But I’m full of sighs I swallow inside

Although feeling helpless, the rapper uses this emotion to push through. Accepting the fact that bad has been done and there’s no way to go back, he uses this as a way to look forward.

As if I’m flying
Did you let go of me by mistake
Or did you send me flying on purpose
You don’t have to answer

Through a teaser image on his Instagram, ZICO hinted at what the music video could possibly be; but once it was released a couple of days later, what was expected was not what fans got.

The music video depicts a caricature version of the rapper on a bus late in the evening. Once he gets off, he decides to wander the city despite it being dark. At one point, he looks up to see a set of balloons floating throughout the sky that lead him to look over to a bright white flight of stairs that standout in a dark alleyway. He uses these stairs to go after the balloons, not really knowing where they might lead; however, the miniature version of ZICO is on a quest to see where these never-ending stairs might go. On his journey, he is at times faced with the obstacle of someone trying to hold him back or missing stairs, but keeps moving forward.

Although bad decisions or actions might seem like the end of the world, do as ZICO has and use them to your advantage. Thinking of them as good rather than bad will have you feeling like a  balloon dominating the winds. What makes you think about the good in bad? 

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Written by Briseida Rivera

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