White Day - A "Reply" To Valentine's Day

White Day - A

Remember to stock up on sweets for your sweethearts on White Day!

by Jasmine Edwards

As we all come down from our sugar high after Valentine's Day, it's time for the recipient of Valentine's chocolates to start prepping for White Day. In South Korea, Valentine's Day is celebrated a bit differently from here in the US. While the culture here has both boys and girls running around breaking their necks trying to find the perfect gifts for their prospective sweethearts, it's a bit different for many East Asian countries (including South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China). V-Day revolves mostly around girls giving chocolates to boys (romantically, professionally, or just out of friendship). This day is for women to show affection to the men they care about in their life! Then a month later, on March 14, men repay the favor by giving sweet treats to the special women in their lives. This gift, seen as a "reply" to the sweets they received on Valentine's Day, is known as White Day. Men mark White Day as a fun opportunity to reciprocate the presents they received on Valentine's Day. In Korea, it's more common to see hard candies like lollipop bouquets (Chupa Chups are particularly popular!) being given as gifts, rather than cakes and chocolates like Japan.

White Day Lollipop Gift

We have plenty of sweet hard candies to choose from in our shop! Our Sweetie Pie Box perfect for your White Day AND Pi Day celebrations! ? Get yours now by preordering from the SnackFever Shop! If you're thinking of other SnackFever faves, my personal favorites are sweet and slightly tarty Plum Candy, delightfully fizzy Cola Candy, and scrumptiously creamy Real Candy Strawberry. If you're looking for more of a cookie treat for your special someone, try Kancho! These crunchy biscuits are filled with sweet milk chocolate, and are decorated with cute, lovey-dovey drawings. If you'd like a more traditional gift, try Ghana Milk Chocolate! These are Lotte's classic chocolate bars, and they're a fan favorite in Korea! Or, for the romantic types, try gifting a box of Pepero in one of our many flavors and instigate a Pepero game to get your hearts thumping. Pepero Game So Romantic

However you decide to celebrate White Day, and whatever kinds of gifts you decide to give, the bottom line is showing the friends and loved ones in your life that you care about them. You don't need a special day to give gifts to good people, but in case you need that extra push to do so, here's your excuse! 

Happy White Day from Team SnackFever!

White Day Rose From Best Boy

Featured Image Source: vop.co.kr

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