#WhatAreThose: Corn Cheese!

#WhatAreThose: Corn Cheese!

I am a child of the corn cheese.

by Taylor Sweet

Corn cheese is good. Unbelievably good. For college students, going out to Korean BBQ is always a good time. Wait, I take that back. Going out to KBBQ is always a good time for everyone. My friends and I usually just stick to the meat, banchan, and occasionally, rice, but last week, we decided to try corn cheese. It was the best decision ever. o img_1403 It didn't look as presentable as the corn cheese in the picture above, but it was still delicious regardless. The waitress brought out the dish wrapped in aluminum foil, and we placed it on the grill for about eight minutes. When we lifted the aluminum flap, steam rose from the corn and the cheese was melted. cheesy_corn Don't be fooled -- corn cheese is not as simple as just cheese on corn. Ingredients sometimes include mayonnaise, green onion, parsley, and sugar. But sometimes it actually is just corn and cheese. It really depends on how the chef likes to cook it. Cookat Korea even uses peanut butter!

Don't miss out. Whenever you get the opportunity to try corn cheese, take it! 

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