#Trending In Korea: Macarons

#Trending In Korea: Macarons

In the last year and a half, A certain French dessert has gained popularity in Seoul. What dessert?! Macarons. Macarons have been taking over Korea recently, with many stores popping up all over the city, making us all drool over all the Instagram pictures of the delicious treats.

Just to be clear, we're talking about macarons, not macaroons. A macaroon is a coconut based cookie that sometimes had the bottoms dipped in chocolate; a macaron is a meringue and almond flour based cookie with a crispy outer shell and a chewy center. They are most commonly eaten as a sandwich with various fillings. Macarons can have fillings made out of custards, jams, creams, ganaches, caramels, and even candies! But some are creative enough to use a combination of any two of these!

Now, let’s focus on the macarons of Korea! Stores like Horizon 16, Dal Dal Macaron, and other small shops are popping up almost every day! Don’t you want to just eat your way through all of them?

Some unique fillings in Korea are yuja (a citrus fruit), condensed milk, injeolmi (rice cake rolled in bean powder), or even black sesame-flavored!

They are really good with ice cream, usually made of a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between larger macaron shells like this Paris Baguette and BT21 collaboration that is blueberry-flavored. There’s also a cookies and cream one.

Even McDonald’s is got in on the act with chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and caramel! They covered all bases with their fillings: ganache, cream, and caramel.

Get one of your favorite characters like this cute vanilla ice cream-filled Ryan macaron at Iksan Cafe. Iksan Cafe is one of our favorite places to grab some of their Melona-flavored macarons!

Your favorite foods like everyone’s favorite...pancakes! These are made with maple syrup and have a small surprise hidden inside the filling!

Or even from nature! Look at how adorable the strawberry-flavored clam one is, complete with an edible pearl! The peach-yogurt and the raspberry with freeze-dried raspberry bits looks just as good.

They are just as versatile as they are delicious! It’s a Nutella cream cheese macaron...on an edible stick! You can’t put too many things on a stick and it still look this amazing, but here you have it!

What flavors would you like to try while in Seoul?

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