The Sweet Art of Ardechois 🍑

The Sweet Art of Ardechois 🍑

Would you like to delve into a place of sweet desserts and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere? There is an Instagram-worthy cafe in Hongdae, a delightful and cozy place to please the eye and satisfy your sweet tooth. Even though the cafe is small, every little detail seems special. From marble tabletops, a macaron tower, cute jars and flowers to tasty, colorful, realistic dessert designs and refreshing drinks—Ardechois has them all! Let’s take a closer look at what this wonderful cafe has to offer.

Even before you enter, it is clear what a neat and elegant place this is, and once you are inside, you might not want to leave anytime soon. Almost like in a fairy tale, you can take a bite of a pink peach and feel it enchant you, the taste of the soft peachy vanilla cheesecake lingering in your mouth. Once you pick your favorites, each dessert is placed on pretty pastel plates, decorated with a hint of nature: a flower, some berries or leaves. The minimal design makes the desserts look chic, seemingly whispering “Eat Me” as you admire their glossy surface.

If you crave those kinds of desserts, there are different shapes to choose from. Would you like a bite of cherry? Perhaps a yuzu cake or a pink rose would tickle your fancy? The sweetness of the soft cheesecakes is just right, well-accompanied by a fruity center and a crunchy cookie. The shapes of the desserts are changing from time to time, so customers can try some new flavors and take more pictures of the unique treats.

Like in any dessert cafe, macarons are an inseparable part of the menu. Once you enter the cafe, the first thing you will notice will most likely be the macaron tower. Many round, colorful macarons neatly stacked on a pedestal are just waiting for you to try them. Macarons could be a wonderful gift for someone special or a delicious treat for yourself.

Ardechois also has a variety of drinks to go with the desserts. Get your daily dose of caffeine with different lattes—vanilla, choco, strawberry—or just the classic Americano, relax with a cup of hot french Kusmi tea or get a refreshing glass of flavorful fruity ade. They all go well with the treats, either balancing out the sweetness or enhancing it according to your tastes.

If you love the style of the desserts, Ardechois offers custom-made cakes. There are many examples on their Instagram (@ardechois_cake) of cute and colorful, skillfully-made cake decorations and illustrations. Most of them were made for birthdays and other celebratory events, but there are some that are just really beautiful to look at, matching with the aesthetics that Ardechois cafe is known for.

This quaint little dessert cafe in Hongdae is the perfect place to hang out with a friend, take many pictures of cute and delicious sweets and eat them, too! It might be a little pricey, but it is always good to treat yourself from time to time.

Would you like to visit this cafe? If so, which dessert has peaked your interest? Go ahead and share with us in the comments below!

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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