The Doshirak Doshi-ROCKS!

The Doshirak Doshi-ROCKS!

Swap out your boring brown bag lunch for a Korean doshirak!

by RoyalCha Doshirak

(도시락) are Korean packed lunch boxes. Generally homemade with generous servings of TLC, doshirak help keep everyone, from school kids to businessmen, fed throughout the day. With the rising costs of living and eating, it’s no wonder more people are choosing to pack lunches rather than eat out.

Most doshirak come with a simple menu: a serving of rice, a few different servings of meat and vegetables, and kimchi. Nowadays, parents bring out the best of their creativity when packing lunches for their children.

Back in the day, most doshirak boxes were made out of metal so that the heat from when the food was initially cooked could be kept in until lunch hour. Students and army soldiers could also warm up these metal lunch boxes over open fire, whether to simply heat up their lunch, boil water, or even soup! Talk about double functionality! Nowadays, however, doshirak boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Truthfully, they’re all great, but I prefer throwing in a bunch of side dishes and rice in a metal lunch box and shaking it up for some instant bibimbap! This month, the SnackFever fam is packing their own TLC into a new subscription box; the Doshirak Box! Packed full of easy prep Korean food, our Doshirak Box will have the items you need to pack your own Korean lunch box at home. Either that, or you can just have them as a quick & tasty meal whenever you’d like! The Doshirak Box is perfect for hectic college lifestyles, or for those of you who simply want some easy ingredients for instant meals during your lazy weekend. 

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