The Best Korean Snacks Of 2016, As Voted By YOU!

The Best Korean Snacks Of 2016, As Voted By YOU!

One word to describe this list: Daebak. These are the best of the best Korean snacks of 2016. Prepare yourselves.

by Team SnackFever 

Are you ready to rumble (your tummy)? These are best Korean snacks of the last year, based on SnackFever Family feedback and popularity. Be sure to check out the Top 10 Korean Candy, Drinks, and Ramen lists, too! You can find all of these treats at our new SnackFever Shop beta website, including the ones listed below! ? Check it out, and feel free to leave us any feedback - or even suggestions on products you'd like to see! Without further ado...

10. Shindangdong Tteokbokki Chips shindangdong-tteokbokki-chips Korean street food in snack form is a wonderful thing, and there aren't many better examples than these tteokbokki chips. It isn't the same as the wonderfully hot, spicy, saucy, fish sausage-y real thing, but it comes through as a snack. Ever since we introduced the snack in our boxes last year, these chips have been one of the most requested items by fans!

9. Sando Biscuit (Strawberry Cream Cheese) sando-strawberry-cream-cheese One of the most popular snacks of the year. Koreans know how to do strawberry treats right, and this one's no exception!

8. Couque D'asse Strawberry Cream Wafers couque-dasse-strawberry Who knew that one of the most delicate snacks could contain so much deliciousness? The Couque D'asse wafers are known to be quite fragile, but like its cousins, the strawberry cream variant turned out to be one of the most popular snacks of the year

7. Chicken Macho (Spicy Bulgogi) chicken-macho-bulgogi This is the Korean gold standard of puff chips: bite-size morsels of savory goodness with a slight kick! These are so incredibly addicting.

6. Slim Curry Chips slim-curry-chip Who knew curry could be crunchy? These chips are delicious and quite pungent!

5. Churroz churroz Another street food in snack form! We were skeptical at first, but these are a faithful, tasty take on one of our favorite desserts.

4. Double-Dip Pepero (Strawberry & Cream; White & Dark Chocolate) double-dip-chocolate We've had normal Pepero, yes, but wait what - DOUBLE DIP?? The Pepero's shorter but thicker cousin is a must-try. You definitely won't have any shortage of icing on this stick cookie! double-dip-strawberry

3. Annie Chun's Seaweed Crisps annie-chun-staff We've seen many food manufacturers try to make a tasty snack out of seaweed, and the results have been mixed, to say the least. But we can confidently declare that Annie Chun has made the biggest splash so far! We were huge fans of all three flavors - Original, Korean BBQ, and Spicy Gochujang. Get ready for a savory, crunchy bite from under the sea!

2. Honey Waffle Mate honey-waffle-mate One of the top-selling items of the year! Waffle biscuits sound so simple, but maybe it's the hint of honey that makes this so good! This is a great pair for a cup of tea or coffee, too! A great mate, you might say.

1. Amazing Cup Rice (Bibimbap & Bulgogi) bulgogi-cup-rice cup-rice-bibimbap Not quite a snack, but this was by and large, the most popular item and perhaps the biggest surprise of the year!

Honorable Mentions: Baked Potato Sticks baked-potato-stick These well-known Korean snack favorite are the classic potato chip's close sibling - sticks!

"B" Blueberry Chips blueberry-chip One of the few healthy snack options among a sea of...not-so-healthy options. But don't let that turn you away from trying this out - it was one of the most popular snacks last year for a reason! The chips are made from blueberries. BLUEBERRIES!

Vegetable Crackers vegetable-cracker Another snack you would be wary of because of the trigger word. (VEGETABLES) This is also another snack that will surprise you! What other Korean snacks did you enjoy this year? Let us know in the comments! You can buy all the ramen at the SnackFever Shop beta site. Be sure to check out our 2016 Top 10 Candy, Drinks, and Ramen Noodles, too! 

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