Spilling the Tea: Enticing Desserts to Pair with Your Hot Cup

Spilling the Tea: Enticing Desserts to Pair with Your Hot Cup

South Korea hits the mark with its café aesthetics, and the pastry game is getting stronger as coffee culture gains popularity. The cakes and desserts Korean cafes make are not only visually-pleasing but also very sweet and caressing to the tongue. Are you ready to find your new favorite snack for your coffee break? The Fever Guys Fam will spill the tea for you!

Red Bean Bread at Le Pain

Red bean paste is used plentifully in Korean cuisine for dishes like jjajangmyeon, patbingsu (a type of shaved ice), etc.; but it is also widely used in all kinds of bread and cookies because of its creamy sweet flavor. Red bean bread is similar to chapssal doughnuts – glutinous rice doughnuts that are puffy on the outside and filled with red bean paste on the inside. Nuts or cream cheese could be a bonus treat to the mix of ingredients inside the bread and therefore Le Pain, a bakery located in Songpa-gu, Seoul has to be your next place on the list while traveling in Korea. The bread shop not only provides a great variety of bread, but they are king of light cakes with fruits like strawberries, bananas, plums or figs!

Cheesecakes at Hidden Form

Cheesecake is the ultimate soft and squishy friend of tea/coffee and one can never go wrong. The not-too-sweet but mouthwatering, juicy texture of the dessert will satisfy your afternoon cravings but won’t make you feel too bad about eating heavy chocolate cakes instead! Talking about cheesecake, Hidden Form is a café in Seongbuk-gu, in the mid-north part of Seoul, that seems to have not only very good coffee but also has blueberry cheesecake as its staple dessert.

Madeleines at Le Soleil

Seoul is globalizing vastly so Koreans have the opportunity to choose from all kinds of desserts for their cup of tea. Although madeleines are very French, Korean cafes seem to incorporate them a lot in their dessert menus. The shell-shaped sponge cakes use very finely ground almonds and sometimes lemon zest to give it a refreshing taste, which makes it perfect for the times when you want to take a bite and have a sip of your drink at the same time so you can enjoy the mixture of flavors in your mouth.  Le Soleil is a café located in Yonghee-do, Seoul with a cozy atmosphere and all kinds of fine desserts. Madeleines are their specialty, and the minimalistic look of everything will make you feel like having a cup of tea at your grandmother’s place back in your childhood days!

Canneles at BRWS.COFFEE

Canelé is a French dessert with a tender center and crispy caramelized crust, and it is a regular appetizer to have with wine. But does that make it only good for that? No! Canelés are popular all over the world now and they make a good fit for breakfast because their sugary taste blends well with a cup of hot bitter coffee to give you an energy boost for the day. Located in Cheonan, Brewers Coffee has its own charm and their bittersweet canelés are always straight out of the oven, which helps bring out the egg aftertaste of the dessert and enrich your coffee experience to make you feel like in a French bakery back in the past.

Coffee and tea are the kind of drinks that can set the mood for hour-long conversations so it is very important to choose the right atmosphere and surroundings in order to feel comfortable. Whether or not you like to chat with your companion at home or use the opportunity to explore new cafes, we hope that this list of currently popular coffee and tea snacks in Korea inspired you to call a friend and set a date for your meeting!

Have you tried any of these cakes? Which one is your favorite or would you like to try? Leave a comment below and keep on snackin’ on our website!  

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Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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