South Korean French Bread Going Global!

South Korean French Bread Going Global!

Ever find yourself craving some bread? Korea has chain bakeries where you can find treats that you’ll be addicted to no time. There’s a pattern of them being French-inspired but these bakeries mix western and Korean pastries in unique ways. There aren’t thick hearty rolls of French bread being sold there. Instead, bakeries like Paris Baguette and Tous Les Jours sell lightweight bread with various fillings, cakes, and sandwiches. 

You might be able to find one of them nearby. Paris Baguette has stores in the United States, France, Vietnam, and Singapore. While Tours Les Jours has them in the Philippines, United States, Cambodia, and Vietnam.  If you ever find yourself stumbling upon one of them, here are some treats that are definitely worth a try. 


  • Green Tea Roll Cake

Paris Baguette has a green tea roll cake if you’re craving a giant roll! This is far from any regular roll in both size and flavor. Light and filled with delicious cream it’s great in the morning with some coffee. What makes it special is its green tea flavoring. It’s one of the most popular flavors when it comes to these fusion creations. If you love green tea, this is definitely for you. 

  • Heavenly Cheesecake

This cheesecake isn’t like the ones you’ll find in regular bakeries and certainly lives up to its name. Similar to Japanese cheesecake, this cheesecake is light and wholly delicious. The most satisfying part besides eating it is cutting the cake. It’s as fluffy as a cloud!

  • Sweet Rice Donut

It doesn’t look like a donut but it is! These rice donuts with classic Korean red bean paste and coated with sugar are sold by the ball. You’ll want more than one after trying them! They’re like donut holes but filled with delicious red bean paste and made from sweet rice flour. They’re sweet but not enough to give you ten cavities.


  • Red Bean Bun 

Unlike the previous red bean bun, Tous Les Jours bun is more of a traditional bun. The breading isn’t thick and it’s light. The filling is just red bean paste but If you’re a fan of this paste, this a must-try! 

  • Green Tea Cream Croissant

Croissants being filled with cream isn’t new, though adding green tea cream that’s something else. This croissant packs a punch of green tea on top as well with matcha powder. This powder is usually used for tea but adds an explosion of flavor both on the inside and out! Pair it with some lemonade or a latte and you get a delicious snack break. 

  • Kimchi Croquette

This is for those who want to try the more creative creations from these fusion bakeries. These kimchi croquettes are on a league of its own! These croquettes from Tous Les Jours don't only have just a kimchi filling but also sweet potato noodles! Nothing like combining two iconic ingredients into a bun. The flavor is savory but not too overpowering or pungent.  

These are just a few treats from these bakeries. Which one of these would you want to try? Tell us below!

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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