Soup-er Korean Noodle Soups!

Soup-er Korean Noodle Soups!

Korean noodle soups for any weather or occasion!

Korea provides a large variety of flavors and kinds noodle soup perfect for any occasion, weather, or craving. Like clean, vinegary broths? Naengmyeon may be perfect for you! Or perhaps you prefer the stronger flavors of ramyeon? Whatever preference you have, Korea has many different kinds of noodle soups for you to choose from!


Typically light in flavor, kal-guksu is a favorite of Korean palates during the summer. It’s commonly made with a seafood base, with varieties including ingredients like small clams, octopi, and even snails. However, the seafood broth isn’t the only appeal that kal-guksu has. Its broth can also be made with other bases, like chicken, beef, or vegetables. Kal-guksu’s name means “knife noodles” and is named appropriately because of the fact that kal-guksu noodles are cut from dough rather than pulled or strung. As a result, kal-guksu noodles are flat and have a bouncy texture.


Contrary to the way most noodle soups are prepared, hot and steamy, naengmyeon is actually served cold, with either ice cubes or slushed broth like a slushie. Commonly served with buckwheat noodles, the tangy iced broth is commonly accompanied by thin strips of cucumbers, slices of Korean pear, and a boiled egg as well! Additionally, mustard sauce or vinegar can be added right before eating to provide an extra kick of acidic flavor to the naengmyeon. Enjoyed year-round, during the humid summer days and freezings winters, naengmyeon is one of Korea’s most unique dishes!


Unlike kal-guksuand naengmyeon, jjamppong has a strong, spicy broth that comes loaded with various types of seafood. Clams, prawns, squid, and more help shape the strong broth of jjampong. However, seafood isn’t the only key factor in the soup’s creation. Many vegetables and even pork loin can be used to make the broth as well!


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Iconic and varied, ramyeon is one of the most popular forms of Korean noodle soups. While it takes its name from Japanese ramen, Korean ramyeon is an instant food and is unique in flavors and types. Commonly making use of Korean spice and stronger flavors, ramyeon is a perfect quick meal!

Kimchi and bibimbap may be widely known Korean dishes, but don’t overlook Korea's large selection of noodle soups!  Not only do the soups vary in taste, but they vary in texture and even temperature as well. While Korea’s variety of noodle soups may seem intimidating, it’s the perfect opportunity to see which noodle soup is perfect for your preferences!

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