Snack on some Indie K-Music!

Snack on some Indie K-Music!

The weather is getting warmer and the time for traveling is just around the corner. That means our music playlists need a fresh reload of new songs, doesn't it? The Fever Guys Fam’s mission is to support your Korean snack fever, but in this article, we will be expanding your K-music fever with some not-as-mainstream Korean artists that will set you in the mood for discovering new horizons.

Independent music, or indie, is a characteristic for music independently-produced and published. Its artists don’t always fall into one specific genre, but they have a unique approach to every song they make.

  • 10cm (십센치)

10cm is a solo artist, though it used to be a duo band before one of the members left in 2017. Their name comes from the height difference between the two members. This band is actually one of the reasons why Korean indie music was able to move out of the underground scene and appeal to the mainstream audience as well. The songs produced by 10cm can be cheesy or perky, and some can make you cry, so there is a lot of variety to choose from, depending on your mood!

  • Okdal (옥상달빛)

Okdal is a female duo from the same company as 10cm. Their name translates to Rooftop Moonlight, and indeed, it’s the type of music you could listen to while daydreaming on some rooftop in the middle of the night. Their sweet voices and encouraging lyrics are like soothing medicine whenever you are having a bad day!

  • The Black Skirts (검정치마)

Jo Hyo-il, better known as The Black Skirts is a Korean-American artist who, influenced by music media like Rolling Stone back in the day, is currently producing music in South Korea. His dreamy sound, compiled with the beautiful meanings of his lyrics is a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, he is not still well known to the public and there is very little information about him, so without further ado, appreciate his music!

  • Raspberry Field (라즈베리필드)

The name of this duo appeared because of the comparison between the sound of their music and raspberries. Just like raspberries can be delicious or tart sometimes, the lyrics of their songs show that life has its sweet and bitter moments.

The list of Korean indie artists that deserve more publicity is long and one article is less than enough to introduce all of them. Make sure to also check out Jannabi, Primary,  Band Hyuk Oh and Kiha & the Faces, we promise that you just cannot not fall in love with them.

Who is your favorite artist out of the above? Did you know them before or will they overtake your playlist in the next few months?  Leave your comments down below and have a snack-full day!

Cover Image: 10cm (Magic Strawberry Sound)
Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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