Sky-High Seafood! The 9-Floor Seafood Tower Experience

Sky-High Seafood! The 9-Floor Seafood Tower Experience

Seafood is everywhere in Korea—in soups, stuffed rolls, on sticks and even on burgers! Sometimes it's even hard to avoid with seafood being added to at least one dish in a meal. So, it was no surprise to find out about this massive seafood experience known as 9-Floor Seafood Tower. This dish gained popularity when it was featured on KBS' Live Info Show.

Prepared in huge metal steamers and one shallow pot, this meal is best enjoyed amongst a group of seven to nine people. As I am allergic to seafood, I can’t tell you how it tastes, but I can introduce how it looks!

Starting from the top:

1st Floor – Stuffed Squid, Bamboo Rice, Octopus, and Steamed Dumplings

2nd Floor – Pen Shell Clams

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3rd Floor – King Prawns (Shrimp)

4th Floor – Mixed Shell Clams

5th Floor - Oysters

6th Floor - Cheese Scallops

7th Floor - More Clams

8th Floor – Conch and More Clams! (first photo, middle row)

9th Floor - Spicy Seafood Soup

You can find this at 무한조개구이까까 (MuHan JoGae GuiKkaKka, Infinite Shellfish Grilled) located in Bongcheondong.

Who would you take to eat this seafood tower with?

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