SEVENTEEN’s Favorite Road Trip Snacks

SEVENTEEN’s Favorite Road Trip Snacks

Get in, Fever Guys Fam! We’re going roadtripping—SEVENTEEN style! Whether it’s an overnight camping trip in the spring, a quick trip to the beach in the summer, a last hurrah hike in the fall, or a day trip to the snow in the winter, road trips are the perfect weekend getaway any season of the year and one of my all-time favorite activities. There’s just something about the open road that always calls to me. With a car full of friends, deep conversation, silly games, and the best playlist, sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the memories made—and the snacks enjoyed—along the way.

Let’s focus on the snacks for a minute. Obviously, convenience stores are the mecca of road trip snacks thanks to their vast aisles of sweet, savory, and everything-in-between goodies. While I thought I had cracked the code on treating myself to a winning combo of snacks, SEVENTEEN had to prove they truly are the best at everything, including shopping for road trip treats. In Episode 21 of Going Seventeen Spin-Off, the group showed Carats just what snacks to stock up on for any long car ride, and I have to admit I’m drooling.

Jeonghan, who drove Joshua, DK, and Vernon, had arguably the most delicious car snacks, grabbing coffee, banana milk, hot dogs, and ice cream, and even chatted about getting some spicy chicken feet. YUM!

The8’s car had a much more specific appetite than the voracity exhibited by Jeonghan’s car. The8, Hoshi, Woozi, Wonwoo, and Mingyu chose to chow down on different ice cream bars, including the vanilla-strawberry goodness that is the Piggy Bar.

Later in the episode, the boys went to the grocery store and grabbed so many chips! While I couldn’t quite catch what DK loaded up on, I’m assuming they were similar to Fever Guys’ favorites, like Pockachips, Kkokkalcorn Chips, and O!Karto Chips.

SEVENTEEN—once again reminding all of us why we love them!

Now, onto the second order of business: music! If you need some recommendations for your next road trip, I suggest rocking out to SEVENTEEN’s new album, You Made My Dawn, because it is amazing and everyone’s ears deserve to be blessed.

What snacks do you need to have on hand when you hit the road for an adventure? We’d love to know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Dino, Woozi, and Joshua of SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)

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