Say Hello to My Little Kakao Friend

Say Hello to My Little Kakao Friend

Kakao Talk’s mascots, Kakao Friends, have taken the world by storm!

by JT

Kakao Friends

The chances of seeing one of these silly, adorable little characters in your instant messages inbox these days are quite high! Serving as visual translator’s for peoples’ emotions via instant messenger stickers, these little animals, fruits, and radish (yes, you read correct: a radish) have become the face of Kakao Talk! Let’s get to know them a bit. Kakao Ryan Kakao Ryan Gif

Ryan the Lion. Currently the most popular mascot, Ryan is a lion born without a mane! He is the strong, gentle leader of the Kakao Friends. Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 11.07.24 AM Kakao Muzi Con

Muzi is actually a yellow radish wearing a bunny onesie; who would’ve thought? Exuding charm wherever he goes, he's followed by his mysterious friend, Con. Kakao Neo neo2

Neo is a classy, narcissistic cat that puts shopping as a priority. Her boyfriend, Frodo, comes from the city. Kakao Frodo Kakao Frodo

Born from a wealthy family, Frodo is an ambitious city dog. Always sharp, Frodo and Neo are the power couple of Kakao Friends. Kakao Jay-G Kakao Jay-G

The stylish secret agent Jay-G is a mole that emerged from the underground! A Hip-Hop lover, Jay-G is passionate and always cool but actually needs a lot of love and attention, as he is sensitive. Kakao Apeach Kakao Apeach

Apeach is a genetically modified peach that displays mischief and shenanigans wherever he goes. The back of his head looks like a butt, lol. Kakao Tube Kakao Tube

This cowardly duck named Tube is sensitive about his small feet and wears prosthetic flippers to hide them. Piss him off and you’ll meet Angry Tube who wreaks havoc and breathes fire!!!

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